Buy G4 now do I get Panther upgrade?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by robisc, Sep 16, 2003.

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    OK I am looking at a new G4 since I can get a good deal on them right now through the Apple store with the government discount, I actually have 2 dilemmas, buy a single CPU 1.25 GHz for $1170 or Dual 1.25 for $1440, but what I really want to know is if I buy one now will I get an option to get Panther when it comes out next month for free or maybe a reasonable upgrade price or do I have to pay full price? I rememember this was an option when OSX came out and you made a HW purchase right before it was released.
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    apple sets those ranges and they will be dependant on when they release it. It was not a good sign that it was not mentioned today..kind of implies its farther off ...which means that if you buy now u might be out of the loop
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    I bought my iBook July 2002 and when Jaguar was released a couple of months later, I was offered the special upgrade version for $20.00. I have a feeling they will probably do something similar with least I hope so, because I'm waiting for my dual 1.25 G4 to ship the end of this month :)
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    Well I went ahead and took the plunge and got my Government employee discount and got the "lowend" DP G4 for $1440, I took off a lot of the options that I can add later for a lot less $$ Now I really hope that this thing gets here really soon and that if Panther ever gets a release date that there will some option for me to upgrade to 10.3 without having to shell out $130.
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    You mean $65 with the Govt discount. :D

    I've been hoping the same thing, but don't they usually announce it, as in, all CPU purchases after a specified date will get a free Panther upgrade...?
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    They didn't announce it when I bought by iBook. About a month or so later I got an email telling me that I was eligible for the upgrade version of Jaguar at a discount. And this also was offered to my other half who purchased their iMac in April of the same year.
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    Wow, you're right Jaguar is actually $64.50, being a Gov employee is actually paying off in this case.
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    Oh, that's good to know! I was looking everywhere for some sort of announcement. Maybe I'll just go ahead and buy my 1.8 G5 and hope I get it after the cutoff.

    I've been using a 450 MHz Cube that's souped up in other ways ... so I'm also debating getting the processor upgrade from PowerLogix, though I hear they're coming out with a dual 1.6 GHz proc for the Cube soon.

    I hate waiting!!
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    Also keep in mind that even if you have to pay full retail, there is the 5 user "family" license for 5 machines for $199. Go in on with it with 4 of your Mac owning family members and your net cost per license is less than $40. A lot better than $129 single user license.

    I just bought a new 15" and new 17" PB, so I am in the same boat.
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    Dale Sorel

    I got Jaguar for $20 last year when it came out ~month after I bought my iMac :)

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