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Buy MacBook Air now or wait until June for refresh?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by mackcat, May 8, 2013.

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    I just got a Chromebook the other day, and while I like it, it doesn't do enough for me. So, I'm going to return it. I need a laptop for this next month, but I don't want to buy the current one if the new one will be dramatically different or leave it in the dust specs-wise. If I wait for the new one, I'll be stuck with a giant clunky old 17" PC for the next month.

    What do you think is the lesser of the two evils???

    Thank you!
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    Probably waiting to get the new one, since the new Air will have Haswell (better battery life), maybe bigger flash storage, retina (exceedingly unlikely but possible). Using an outdated computer for one month and then having a brand new computer for one year is better than having a new computer for one month then having an good but older computer for years to come.
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    I'd wait.
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    what do you think Mackcat from the 2 months in the future would say?
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    U sound like u been around the block a couple of times to know there is no such thing as dramatic leave in the dust.

    However, unless you are desperate the marching order for May 2013 is, WAIT.
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    Ok, thanks for the advice guys, I'm going to wait on this one. Also, do you think there will be a release delay, or will it be available as soon as it's announced at WWDC?

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    Me too. I'm hoping for better battery life. That's definitely worth waiting for.
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    I doubt it'll be available as soon as it's announced. I'd guess maybe a July release.

    As to OP's original question, totally would wait. You'll only have to wait 2-3 months max for what could be significant upgrades.
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    Interesting. Just wondering, what makes you think that? I know last year it was available that day. What about years before, does anyone know?
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    Usually computers are available the day they are announced. However, this isn't a hard, fast rule. Last year, the new iMac was announced but it was not available for several weeks and it was months before it was not in short supply.

    As far as timing goes, the most common advice here on MacRumors is to buy it now if you need it now. Otherwise, wait.

    It sounds like you can afford to wait a little while, so you'll probably be best served by waiting.
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    Thank you!
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    If they make an agreement with intel to have the chip much earlier than 4th June when intel announce haswell than it is possible on Apple event 10 june to have the macbook lineup fresh with haswell and available "today". If they don't make some agreement with intel then available July
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    I'm waiting.
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    Wait or you'll be sorreeeeee!
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    ill be waiting. I'm considering getting a new macbook. just not 100% if it should be air or pro.

    depends :)

    But i see no point in NOT waiting
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    My understanding is haswell is a bit flakey yet.
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    A new macbook line up with 10h batteries usage, just only for that and it will be fantastic
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    The new one will not be dramatically different, if you need one now buy it now.
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    It might have 10 hours of battery life? That would be amazing and well worth waiting for!
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    Right, but don't expect significant performance increases AND a 43% increase in battery life. You will invariably be disappointed.
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    I personally care far more about battery life. Performance would be good though.
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    Waiting makes a lot of sense at this moment the 2012 Macbook Air is almost a year old, should not be long to the 2013 Air launch.
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    Right, probably 4 weeks.
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    i'm waiting for mine retina/air 13",

    but you can buy now two and sell them in june ;)

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