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Buy Movies for just Digital Copy

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by littlepooch21, Jun 15, 2013.

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    Does anyone here buy a blu-ray movie just for the iTunes digital copy so you can have it to stream all the time? My movie collection is out of control and it would be nice to have everything digital/over the cloud. Does anyone do this?
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    Extremely few digital copies are redeemable in iTunes where I live, so it is really not an option for me. I think I have a grand total of one movie redeemed in iTunes, and a bunch of never-redeemed digital copies requiring Windows...

    I have to cloudify my DVDs and blu-rays myself using unRAID and Plex. On the plus side, my computer only has to bother with mostly music and apps in my iTunes library.
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    Why don't you just buy the movie from iTunes? I still haven't lucked into these rumored HD digital copies. So if you buy from iTunes, you've got no disc to worry about.
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    I stopped buying blu-ray when all the ones that I had bought only included an SD digital version of the movie. This is an insult to the consumer. So when I buy something, i just do it through iTunes so I have no disc to rip and it all works seamlessly between my iPhone, iPad, Macbook Air and Apple TVs with no effort at all.
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    I just buy my DC and UV copies online from people in another forum that is dedicated to all things blu-ray ;) You can get DC copies from other members that have bought the BD and don't care for the DC or UV for $1-5, depending on how early you want to get your DC movie.

    I have more than 225 digital movies, I just buy digital for all movies that I think I like, but just not enough to buy the full BD.


    Most new movies finally come with HD versions now :)
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    do they all save to the cloud, or do you have to keep a copy on your computer
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    There are only a few that I know that don't save in iCloud; like act of valor for example
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    yeah i have just starting buying like that also. i have noticed all are on the cloud so far.
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    For what it's worth, I regularly view the document here created by our very own Gadget-Man. It has helped be a deciding factor for me as to whether I'll buy BD + Digital Copy, or just get it straight Digital.
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    I've bought a few Blu-Rays just for the digital copies because they were much cheaper than iTunes.
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    Oh fantastic. Can you PM me the site?

    I buy 3D movies with itunes digital copy as those represent the most value to me personally. I don't buy blu ray any more if it does not come with an itunes copy. Just not mobile enough.

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