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buy nano?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by imake'emswitch, Dec 21, 2005.

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    As with any decision when buying a mac product you must ask yourself am I about to miss out. The nano came out in early September and I am wondering if Jobs is waiting will right after christmas for the San Francisco 2006 to release a new Nano say 4gb and 8gb models with video capabilities.
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    I think it's highly unlikely, but since MWSF is only a few short weeks away you might as well wait, unless you absolutely require a nano right this second (which I doubt you do). :cool:
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    Don't buy any technology if you are afraid of something bigger or better coming out next. Unless you are well off enough to buy everything as it comes out, you will only have "state of the art" for a few days.

    If you want a nano get it, you may not need the extra space, and if you do, buy a normal iPod!
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    Excellent advice. If you don't want your purchase to be obsolete shortly after you buy it, then don't buy any technology. Period. :cool:
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    Do you know the dates cause I'm in town till the 18th. And I do not desperately need one but you really think it is doubtful a release will come anytime soon, despite it has not yet been updated.
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    MWSF is the second week of January, with Jobs's keynote taking place on January 10th - that's when anything will be announced. I don't question that the nano might be due for a bit of a refresh, but with everything else Jobs has coming down the pipe (iBooks, Mac mini, PowerBooks, iLife 06, iWork 06, new displays, etc.) I don't know if there will be any nano announcements/updates for a little while. If there is any iPod-related news at MWSF, my bet would be on the shuffle getting updated since the 1 GB models are currently out of stock.
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    Video on the nano? Yeah...right :p That'll not happen. Screen's farrrrrrr too small.
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    Sirus The Virus

    The iPod Micro plays HD video and holds 50,000 songs. And the Micro is smaller than the Nano!:)
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    You got a Micro? Man, if you'd waited five seconds you could have had an Invisa!! You must feel pretty crappy...;)

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