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Buy now or wait? Mac Mini

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by CaptainCaveMann, Mar 12, 2008.

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    Well just like the thread says, what do you guys think? I have my eye on the 2.0 model with superdrive, and a 17" wide screen dell monitor. I'm dying to get this thing set up, but with mac mini updates around the corner, should I wait? :confused:
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    yes, wait! hopefully they'll be updated soon
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    it shouldn't be much longer now and you'll regret it when the updates come. also, you may be able to snag a deal on the current models when the updates come.
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    definitely wait. the rumour is that the update will be soon.
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    Do what you got to do.

    I tried to wait with all the rumours going around and I couldn't anymore. My 800mhz imac is too slow. I got a great deal on a referb 24" imac.

    Rumors are rumors. Damn, we could be waiting till June or it will be updated next Tues. :eek:

    Watch out cause now I mentioned an update next week there will be 10 pages about it.:p
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    There were good refurb deals on Canadian Store

    I was about to write that there are some terrific deals on refurb minis on the Canadian online store. I checked this morning, and was surprised to see so many minis in the refurb section. Just checked again (its noon now) and all the good deals are gone.

    So.... either they are clearing inventory?? Or, keep checking.....

    There is a current model listed now. I think its about $50 less than retail.
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    Ok well it looks like I'm gonna wait, I'm hoping they update them to the x3100, Penryn, and standard 2gb of ram (upgradable to 4gb). Then I'll be very pleased. :D
  8. tuc
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    I think waiting makes sense, but keep in mind that there are no guarantees.

    Everyone who posted that they will be upgraded soon means well, but for all
    we know those old rumors will be proven true and the Mini will be discontinued.
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    Since it's a "basic" low-cost machine, Apple will probably keep it at 1 Gig, like the base MacBook...
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    Ram prices are coming down and in order to stay competitive, Apple probably needs to make 2 GB standard.
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    Doesn't matter, 1 Gig is still cheaper than 2 Gig.

    The base Mini tends to follow the base MacBook, which is still at 1 Gig...
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    What will you be doing with the computer? Work or play?
    If work, calculate how much time you will save, or how much more productivity you will gain, with the new system.
    Calculate what your time is worth.

    It may well be that the current machine may pay for itself while you're waiting for the new system.

    When the new system comes out, do the same calculation. If the new system increases productivity enough to justify the cost, great! Sell the old system on ebay or craigslist and recoup most of your investment. If it doesn't, keep using your system until the next revision comes out, and redo the calculations.

    Or, you can just buy on impulse like I do, and get punked by Apple and the tech sector in general...
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    I'm mainly using it for school and play. I actually really wanted a macbook pro, but the difference in price is just hard to beat. The mini seems pretty capable for it's price, and I can't justify the money for a macbook pro. I also like the idea of a desktop as "home base" and a laptop for on the go. :D
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    Here is the deal, no one knows for sure when the refresh will happen. Everyone was dead set it would be this past tuesday. Then the Apple store was down from 12minight until 6AM and everyone was SURE new imacs/minis were coming. 630am, store up, nothing. So honestly who knows.

    My suggestion is if you can wait do so. Personally Im so compulsive that I cant. If I absolutely KNOW that next week something new will be out, yes I can, but its all just rumor here at macrumor. No one knows.
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    What happened to the rumor that the mini will disappear from Apple's catalogue?

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    It disappeared.
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    Really, this is easy to predict. The timing of the update is entirely dependent on how many of us caved in and purchased a new machine during the seven days immediately prior to the anticipated release date.

    And with my new machine shipped yesterday, the odds are going UP-UP-UP! :D
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    Check the Apple Refurb site every morning. A refurb can be a VERY good value. 2.0 Ghz Minis come up occasionally, and tend to disappear pretty quick. I snagged one last week, got it yesterday, and am very happy with it so far.

    For me, the price difference for the refurb outweighed the frustration of waiting for an update. The machine is cheap enough that I can replace it in a year or two and easily feel that I got my money out of it.
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    If its for play, then disregard my rational work scenario. This has also been beaten to death (and, I suspect, probably beaten back to life again), but do you also already have a good monitor, or can you get your hands on one cheaply?

    If you don't, you may want to go for a refurbed imac, or a used one that qualifies for applecare off of ebay. New mini is 800 for a 2.0 c2d mini w/superdrive plus 200+ for a lcd monitor is the same or more than you can get the imac for. Plus, you also get a faster, larger hard drive, graphics card, and the option to add more memory quickly and easily.

    I already had a lcd, and got a core duo mini or craigslist for a good price. Beautiful, quiet machine, but even with 2 gigs of ram, parallels sucked down every last mb of it. Sold the machine on craigslist, bought a new in the box 20" c2d 2.16 white imac on craigslist (note to myself, stay off of craigslist) upped the ram to 3 gigs, plugged in the lcd in beside it, and am immensely happy with it. Got the full 3 years of applecare to go along with it.

    If I didn't need parallels, I would have stayed with the mini, and loved it.
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    You should definitely wait until you buy it, because if you don't wait until you buy it, that might be considered stealing in some localities. Or, possibly, if you attempted to have possession of the Mac mini prior to taking possession, you might just cause a rip in the very fabric of space-time itself.

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