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Buy now or wait until 5G

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by GoCubsGo, Sep 1, 2010.

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    I wonder if I should wait until the 5th gen comes out. The reason I ask is that this model is impressive but the camera is still not pushing out photos with any decent resolution. I need a camera on my iPod Touch badly. Any thoughts?
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    This is the first time I've ever seen you post a thread:eek: haha

    I'd personally buy now. Sure, the rear-facing camera isn't perfect, but if they were to put a nicer camera in there, it would increase the thickness significantly.
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    How do you know it'd increase the thickness much?
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    Better camera usually means it's a bit bigger.
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    I was anticipating replacing my 1G touch with a 4, I think I will wait now to see if they put a better camera on it. Since I can't go the IP4 route, this was my chance to get a great camera along with all the other goodies. So I will wait, another year I would guess.
    And for those that want really thin/small, you may not remember the Nokia cell phone that was about 2" long by 1" wide, give or take. It was a dismal failure BECAUSE it was so small. If apple makes the 5G the approx size of an IP4, that's fine by me.
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    Don't you have a cellphone for that? Doesn't Droid X, iPhone 4, HTC Evo all have good camera?
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    Yes but I keep my cell phone in my pocket and my iPod Touch clipped to the elastic band of my pants. It's really convenient.
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    Pictures will look fine on the iPod itself, they'll be small if you upload em to a bigger screen though. It's not like you absolutely need to take super great pictures with the iPod. The camera is there to take quick pics and to increase the number of applications available for the iPod. Video should be great quality so still.
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    How much do you value the built-in camera? Would you pay maybe $400 for the privilege of having a 5MP camera in your iPod touch? :p
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    I'm sort of thinking the same thing.
    I thing todays update was a big one so it's probably worth getting, but should we really wait another year even though there's no guarantee we'll get what we want? You could always keep waiting saying I'm not buying one until it has a decent camera, GPS or 3G etc, you could always be disappointed.

    I have a iPod touch 2nd generation with a cracked screen and it feels pretty slow, but it's still a fair bit of money to drop for something I will want to replace again in a year or two. I think I'll wait for it get into other retailers and see if there's a sale somewhere.

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