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Buy now or wait?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by WiiDSmoker, Oct 17, 2010.

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    Thinking about getting a Mac Mini to jump into the Mac regime. Not using it as a desktop replacement; more of a learning tool.

    Should I buy now?
    Wait for the new OS and then buy?
    Wait for the new refresh and then buy?

    If I buy now, does it include free update to the new OS?
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    Buy now, the new OS will not be released until next year, in the autumn of 2011. The Mac mini has "just" been updated, thus it is really safe to buy now.
    Normally Apple releases betas for the developers to develop their software and avoid incompatibility with many titles, especially the ones that make money, thus Apple gives the developers a preview (beta) a year before the actual release and as Apple hasn't used this year's WWDC for Mac OS, they might use the event next week to introduce (but NOT release) Mac OS 10.7.
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    Should I buy now? Yes
    Wait for the new OS and then buy? NO
    Wait for the new refresh and then buy? It was refresh a few months back I believe, you can check the Buyers guide and see if it's okay to buy.

    Just buy and when the new OS comes out then install it. We don't necessarily know when the new OS is coming out. it could by Wednesday or 5 months from now.
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    Though Apple normally gives a window of when the next major Mac OS window is released - Mac OS X 10.5 was to be released in October 2007 and we knew about it at least a month beforehand. The same with the successor, but the dates changed obviously, as Apple is not really known to travel back in time and release a better version then instead of now or something obvious like that.
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    Okay cool thanks for all the info!
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    Although there probably won't be a significant update to the mini on Wednesday, it is POSSIBLE that it may get a speed bump. It's also possible that one of the other machines may get an update that will turn your head and make the mini less attractive to you.

    Three days before an Apple event is THE dumbest time to buy an Apple product. Whatever the buyer's guide says, the only sane recommendation is HOLD on any Mac machines until after the announcement.
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    I had the same thought in mind, but instead of buying a brand new mac mini, I found a 1.83 core duo mac mini on local craigslist for $200 and picked that up. Loved it ever since with my 23" HD LCD.

    And when the new mac mini come out with the new OS, I'll buy that, but for now, I have something to mess around, in your case, learn with.
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    Personally can't see the mini getting any kind of speed bump untill the end of Q1 2011. The next logical update to the mac mini is the addition of Core I3's.

    And I think that could very well depend on the performance of the IGP's on 'Sandy Bridge'
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    I just got mine last week. 4GBs Ram. Do it!! You won't regret it.
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    I wait, till they put an Core i3 in the mini. Not buying before.
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    Naw, an i5 w/hyper threading and at least 3Ghz. Now that would sell like hot cakes!
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    Wait until tomorrow then go for it. I have two new 2010 Mini's and love them. I upgraded both to 8GB and added OCZ V2 SSD to one. That little guy is fast!
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    Haven't we all played the buy it or wait game? There will always be something newer and better coming out, but only you can decide when the right time to buy is.

    I waited and bought a 2010 Mini and threw an extra 4GB of RAM in there. I love it. It's a great machine. It plays my video library, hulu, etc. Great little machine with a lot of flair.

    But when I want to render video and do graphics intensive work, I have a six core AMD machine downstairs that is the work horse. But I don't really care for it and it has no personality when compared to the Mac Mini.

    I figured that I could buy both machines for the same price as a mediocre iMac, so I did. Now I have the best of both worlds.

    No regrets!

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