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Buy or upgrade a Mac Mini Solo

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by Hugh, May 22, 2008.

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    I have a Mac Mini Solo with 1gig of ram. Would it be better for me to upgrade the processor and memory? Or should I buy a new Mac Mini or wait for this upgraded Mini that the rumors are saying.

    If I upgrade my machine and they do come out with a new model, what would I be missing other then it will most likely have X3100 gpu instead of the GMA 950. Also I'm sure they would put a faster processor in it, and an updated airport card. Is the X3100 that better then the GMA 950?

    The reason I am asking this question I have noticed my machine is starting to get real slow when I decompress video files on it. I am thinking that is because of my Core Solo processor. (At least it has since I put 10.5.2 on the unit.)

    Thanks for your input! :D

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    The T5600 and T7200 Core 2 Duo processors used in the current Minis are $252 and $318 from newegg, respectively.

    I believe that the Core 1 Minis are also limited to 2GB RAM, even if you upgrade the processor, as opposed to the 3GB you can get out of the current Core 2 models (and the next version will likely support 4GB).

    If I were in your position, I would wait for the refresh; that way you'd have a whole new computer, and you can repurpose or sell your Core 1 Mini, which would probably be easier than repurposing or selling just a Core Solo processor.
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    I'd wait for the new one.

    It's been so long Apple are either going to kill it or do something awesome with it. Either way your situation would be solved. If they kill it, then you upgrade, if they do something awesome with it then you get that.
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    Wait for the new one, doubt you can put a new core 2 into that core solo motherboard anyway.
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    Why, it should be the same socket?
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    Same socket?

    I was told that they where the same socket and a CoreDuo 2 could be put in. But from all the replies, are saying I should wait for the next revision or kill it off.

    Thanks for the help!!!!! :D

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    Yep, it can be done. In fact, I was considering doing it myself before the last refresh when they went Core 2-- in the end I decided to wait, since it seemed really silly to spend $200-300 to replace the processor of a $600 machine.
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    Upgrade your mac mini with a 2.33GHz Core 2 Duo CPU & you can install 4GB of ram.

    I done a stupid thing of purchasing a new mac mini with a 2GHz C2D only to upgrade it the day i purchased it with 4GB Ram, 2.33GHz C2D CPU & a 320GB 5400RPM SATA HDD.

    If you already own a Core Solo mac mini then just purchase a 2.33GHz C2D CPU & install it. It is quite easy. Once you open it up you may as well throw in some extra ram even if its 2GB (2 x 1GB Modules).

    If storage is an issue then purchase a larger HDD to suite your needs.

    The performance increase is dramatic & you will give your Core Solo mac mini a new lease of life.

    Check out eBay.com & you will find a few sellers selling the 2.33GHz C2D (Just type in T7600 in the eBay search box).

    If you are a little sceptical google mac mini 2.33GHz & you will read heaps of articles with performance increase of over 50% when compared to the 2GHz C2D.

    Just my 2cents worth, but i can tell you first hand you will be impressed with the performance boost.
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    Are there no heat issues cause of that CPU 'swap' ?
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    You might be able to find a fairly cheap 1.66 Core Duo from someone who has upgraded their CD machine. That and 2GB of RAM and your mini should be considerably faster. The X3100 is 3 times faster on paper but more like 1.5 to 2X in real life. The next GPU out this summer, the X4500, should be 3 times faster than the X3100. We may have to wait a while to see that in a mini, however (unless Apple decides to skip the X3100 altogether).
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    As far as i can tell no not really. The CPU kicks back at around 50 - 60 degrees Celcius (Not Fahrenheit) & around 5 degrees higher under heavy load. This is quite normal for C2D's.

    My mac mini never turns off either as i prefer to leave my gear on all the time as aposed to switching off & on all the time. This might be due to the fact that im either on the net all day or im downloading torrents at night while im not using the computer.
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    We can only wish that apple skips the X3100 & goes straight to the X4500.

    A seperate graphics controller would be even better however!!!

    Even if its a 256MB Radeon/NVidia of some sort.

    Not to sound rude or anything but if you are going to upgrade the CPU dont even bother going 1.6GHz. Go 2GHz & Above. 2.33GHz if you can afford it or 2.16GHz which will definately be within your budget.
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    Not quite. If upgrading from a CS/CD Mac mini (that is, using the logic board of a CS/CD Mac mini, regardless of if it's got a CS/CD or C2D, I believe that the maximum memory installable is 2GB. I've seen reports of machines not even POSTing with more than 2GB installed (such as this MacNN forum thread).

    On C2D Mac minis, the maximum memory installable is 4GB, but because of chipset limitations, only 3GB will be usable. System Profiler will report that 2x2GB is installed, and you'll still get dual-channel out of it (which helps performance of the onboard video), but you won't be able to otherwise use that last 1GB.
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    Its not rude at all. This is a forum and opinions are always welcome. I disagree with yours however. The difference between a Core Duo and a Core 2 Duo at the same clock speed is not worth the premium IMO. A T7600 is $667 and a T7400 is $340 whereas a T5500 (1.66GHz C2D) is $203. That's a lot of money for at most 40% speed improvement. Whereas if the OP can pick up a 1.66 CD second hand for $100-150 he will get up to double the performance of his Core Solo. After this the 10 to 15% improvement using an identical speed C2D would not really be worth the cost and effort and the OP would probably be better off selling his CS mini on eBay and getting a refurb C2D from Apple.
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    You can purchase a brand new C2D 2.33GHz from eBay for around US$250 - US$300.

    Why spend $203 for a 1.66GHz CPU?
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    I upgraded my 1.83 Core Duo to a 2.33 Core Duo (not C2D).

    Yes, the 2.33 CD is not as fast all around as the 2.33 C2D but it was very cheap and runs about the same temps as the 1.83 it replaced. It was a great shot in the arm for the Mini.
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    I'd say get a cheap processor upgrade to a dual core and get 2GB of RAM. Definitely not worth getting a new machine, especially now.
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    I have been watching E-Bay, however the ones that have the superdrive are going for lot higher then that at the end of the auction. The only reason I am thinking of upgrading is. If I have to open it up to put more memory in I might as well upgrade the processor as well.

    I know there isn't any thing wrong with getting a refurb for I have gotten them in the past. If I am going to buy a new Mini I want a new one because I know I won't have any noise problems. One of the reasons I like the Mini.


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    I think I will do that if a new Mini doesn't come out in june. It's just that it would be lot easier for me if the Mini had some speed. Right now I have been using my MacBook 2.2 Ghz with 2gb Memory as my desktop.


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    Are you sure that you got a 2.33 CD & not a C2D. I think that the 2.33Ghz was only released in a C2D

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