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Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by Boe11, Jan 23, 2012.

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    Hi there,

    Sorry to bother, as I know I'd read this somewhere before, but when does one gain access to the trading post forum - assuming there is one?

    I just placed my Macbook Pro on ebay and was hoping to be able to put it up somewhere here :)

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    Why do you want to sell it in two places? Do you have two MBPs?
    You could put a link to the eBay auction in your signature, if that is allowed, maybe have a look at the RULES and FAQ.
    Mac Rumors Forums Rules
    Mac Rumors Forums FAQ

    The Rules and FAQ can be found on every MR Forums page on the top.
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    And number of days you have been registered. Some people have a much higher post rate and could get into the MarketPlace after just one month.
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    This should be posted on the registration page. :p
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    Like this?
    Or this?

    I once have proposed that, but it got smitten to bits.

    PS: I can relate to your signature while looking into the mirror.
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    The forum rules are linked three different times from the registration page. Most people gloss over them, present company included. :eek:
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    The latter, red, bold 16 pt font ... comic sans just for kicks.
    Yeah I understand. I just always thought it was fairly easy to go to the FAQ rather than start a thread. Then again, I was once tasked with reading the rules in order to return to the playground. :D :D

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