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Buyer Beware: Car Bought at Police Auction Lands Driver in Jail

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by mscriv, Jan 28, 2010.

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    Talk about wrong place wrong time... :(

    "No Mr. Officer those aren't my drugs... um... you're not going to believe this, but they're actually... yours!"
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    Sad...i hope he gets away with this soon...
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    That news report sounds like the first 5 minutes of a future episode of "Lie to Me"...
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    You make it sound like they really are his drugs. :p
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    and it makes you wonder if police officers ever touch "evidence"????
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    I like how they assume "with the intent to distribute"

    It's not like they caught him in the act of selling it. How do they know he didn't have a nasty little habit and was going to keep it all for himself?
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    ^^^ I'm no lawyer but I believe "intent to distribute" is added to a drug possession charge based on set amounts depending on the type of drug. For example, up to 5 grams of drug X is a possession charge, but anything over 5 grams is possession with intent to distribute. I know there are some legal experts around here, maybe one of them can weigh in on the matter.
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    mac 2005

    Individually wrapped AND stashed behind the dashboard?
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    Hum someone didn't check the tires.

    I am not an expert at that, but that's typically how it works.

    If you have over certain amount then it's intent to distribute, because you can't consume all of it in a reasonable amount of time.
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    Rodimus Prime

    It depends. Legally I am guessing they could charge and make it stick to him and the police are obligated to arrest him for it which they did.

    The polices job is not to be judge/jury in the case. It had a lot of evidence on hand against him. Now the DA has the room to drop the charges because of other evidance and I willing to bet the DA is going to drop them because there is a lot of stuff supporting the guys claim.

    It was bought at a police auction and I willing to bet it was taken from a drug dealer. It was hidden pretty damn well and not a place the police might of look since it would mean the cops would of had to take apart the car. They looked in all the normal spots but under the dash I have to say is pretty good idea to hide something.
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    I just think this is the perfect story for a sitcom episode. Could you imagine this on Seinfeld happening to George or Kramer. That would have been hysterical!!! :D
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    Well dang, to bad he didn't know about them before the crash, could have bought some good tires :p
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    First thought is that it's a terrible mistake to have happen.

    Second thought is that, if he actually WAS selling drugs, it's a pretty good cover story. There's no way to prove it wasn't in the car at the time of the auction.
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    Hope his mum get's that $20,000 back too, that's ridiculous, it was obviously a result of poor police work, now this kid is paying the price.
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    Hopefully it all works out for the mother and son.

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