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Buying a G4 Powerbook

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by gazfocus, Jan 21, 2008.

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    I'm looking at buying a G4 powerbook to use until the MBP's are updated, and I was wondering if this is worth its price?

    apple powerbook g4 1.5 ghz
    15.4 widescreen
    80 gb hard drive
    768 mb ram
    built in wireless airport and bluetooth
    dvd rw

    the mac is in excellent condition all round with its original box with all adapters power leads documentation books restore dvds etc the mac has been formatted with a clean install of osx leopard 10.5 and adobe photoshop cs3 plus roxio toast 8 can supply more adobe software if required

    The guy is asking £450 but I've made an offer of £375
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    How much is that in USD?
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    Generally, it's $2 to every £1 so he's looking for $900 and I've offered $750
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    I wouldn't buy anything for the next two weeks, including a temporary laptop.
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    Thanks :) Although, the laptop would still get used even after I get a new MBP. (My girlfriend dropped my G4 before christmas so I'm sure she'd love to have one to replace it)
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    Ok thanks. Now I know the Euro to USD conversion rate.

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