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Buying a Macbook on the 14th (not about availability)

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by kovy17, Oct 12, 2008.

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    I will be buying a macbook on the 14th if they are available in stores the day of the event. I am 16 and this is a late birthday gift. My dad will not be able to take me to the apple store until the weekend, but he said he would give me his credit card so i can drive there and buy it. Will apple not let me buy it with my dads credit card without him being there cause it is such an exspensive item. If they wont let me is there a way my dad could call them in advanced and tell them i can use his credit card.
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    Just from my standing on this (I am not entirely sure of legal issues or anything like that), I would wait until your dad can go with you to avoid any confusion over a stolen credit card or anything like that. Especially with a purchase of a price of that much, there might need to be some extra confirmation, but I am not entirely sure about this.
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    It's too big of a risk for stores to take, especially on purchases over $50. The one time I went to an Apple Store after an event, they said wait a couple days.

    Minors often aren't allowed by stores to make big solo purchases, because they can't be held to any contract. It depends on state laws.
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    It would be against the law for them to do this, that said many of them just don't pay attention. However, you are very young so I suspect they *would* pay attention.
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    Just buy it online.
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    I think he wants it in his hands as soon as possible. Hence, why he doesn't want to wait a few more days until when his father can take him.
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    I wouldn't trust the Apple Store (at least not in OH)

    Okay, so I may be writing this post in anguish due to my recent experiences with the Apple store, but just because Macs are such good products, doesn't mean the same for Apple employees. I find them sly, dishonest, and rude. So if they do let you purchase the laptop (which I don't think they'll allow) I wouldn't because they'll probably slip some other costly item or something you don't need onto your tab...which equals an angry father. I agree...buy it online, maybe customize it, and you're good to go:apple:
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    Speaking as a merchant: Probably Not - First you are too young and second the cardholder is supposed to present ID (however we all know that is the ideal and not always practice).

    Speaking as a Dad: Why don't you just wait a couple days and go with your Dad. He probably wouldn't tell you because he doesn't want to rain on your parade but he would probably love to go with you. It would be a memory you would always share.

    Speaking as an old man: I wish I hadn't been in such a hurry when I was young and had savored my youth and spent more time with my Dad.

    My opinion FWIW.
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    Well, if you buy it online at least you're going to eliminate the chance of getting your Mac stolen at the parking lot, or being followed. There have been many cases posted on the forums about that. Cheers. :) Ah! Good luck too.
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    thanks for answering my questions. If i do end up ordering it online can i still go to the apple store another time and get them to tranfer my data from my powerbook over to the new macbook. My powerbook just doesnt turn on so i am not sure how i would go about getting stuff of my hard drive to the new laptop.
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    that's a good question. If your powerbook blew up (like it stopped working), then it probably has something to do with the hard drive, and your info may not be transferable. If it is something like the power cord or motherboard, you can probably salvage your info, but don't expect Apple to do it for free. They "advertise" free file transfer, but both computers have to be in prestine condition with some other restrictions for that to occur:apple:
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    oh i had a good idea ..

    Does your father have an ATM, Debit, or Check card?
    If so, you will be able to use it without him being present; those cards require pin numbers.
    You shouldnt have a problem then.
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    Wait for your dad to take you. If I was an employee, I'd be reluctant to let you purchase it with a credit card not in your name.
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    okay, so here's the deal. I have worked at a tech store (national chain) for a long time, and it's not up to the employee. Stores/Companies have strict orders to follow. The reality of the situation is that, in most states, consumers are liable for any credit/credit card fraud, not the company that the credit card was used at. Therefore, most companies see the risk of letting young consumers purchase items with parents/unkown people's credit cards very slim because they will continue to get payment for that purchase, and will not face any fines or charges (again...in MOST states, not all)...so, if you're really that desperate, I would try....but I have NO idea why such a crappy parent would hand their kid a credit card and run off....I'm not accusing you of being a bad child, I just would not trust my kids with something like that (shopping spree much?):apple:
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    Okay .. hes buying a laptop that his father clearly knows about. All the charges will show up on the bank statement anyways. (anal parent much?).
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    not anal...but what has parenting come down to....obviously not spending time with their children if dad's just handing off the CC everyday (if he's letting him buy a computer with his CC this is NOT the first time the kid's used it). It may be because I live in an upper class neighboorhood and see a lot of the "just give the kid money" parenting style. BE A ****IN FAMILY!:apple:
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    why cant ur dad just stop by his bank on lunch and get the money out,or cant you draw money out the atm,i know some people can get more than 300 a day out. and,can ur dad be that busy that he cant take an hour to take you,prob not even an hour.
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    idk...for identification/warranty purposes, Apple might require that the purchase is made with a CC.
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    I wouldn't even trust my girlfriend with that much cash. :)
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    My dad is a doctor and on average he comes home around 5 on weekdays. His co worker is on vacation and he is covering for him from today to thursday. So he will probably be home at around 7 at the earliest. And to that guy making the assumption that i have used his credit card before and i get cash handed to me without my parents asking questions you are completly wrong. I have never used my dads credit card without him being with me before. He knows i wont go on a shopping spree cause he knows i am not stupid enough to do that. And i asked him about withdrawing cash and he does not like the idea of me walking around with 1000 plus dollars in my pocket for a day. (not that i would spend it on something else but for my saftey as he said). And my parents are not crappy parents as the guy who lives in the upper class neighborhood said. Both doctors both well educated and do not hand me money without asking questions. I am fortunate to be able to get more than the average kid in America, but that doesnt mean i am reckless and dont have good judgement. I am gonna call the apple store tommorow and ask them what i can do.
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    kid...did you realize that I mentioned in my first post (not necessarily you), but the only reason I posted that is because I see it everyday. My community has one of the highest average incomes (per person) in my entire state. Subsequently, we have the highest rate of drug related crimes (with the exception of the predominatly black communities) in the state as well.
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    Ya'll need to stop feeding the Troll ^^ :rolleyes:
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    apple will NOT take the credit card. i am a former employee... the credit card needs to have the same name it as does a photo ID. they won't even allow phonecalls to the cardholder to allow it. if you are paying with a credit card the names need to match on the card and a photo ID. Maybe bring cash? Or wait?
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    Have you thought about having your mother take you to the Apple store to make the purchase? She might be an authorized user of the card.
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    First of all, WRONG WRONG and WRONG. Second, only the card holder is allowed to use the card, if someone else does it is classed as fraud. Third, the merchant must check the signiture that is done, if the transaction is investigated and it is checked the merchant is liable for the loss as the signiture does not match, I work in a bank. If I was you I would wait for your dad or order it online or call up to see if they will hold it in store and book in to get the transfer of data done, that way you get it all done in one hit.:)

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