Buying a Macbook Pro from Amazon? Experiences?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by iTootyFrooty, Nov 22, 2012.

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    I was looking at buying a new 15" Macbook Pro from Amazon UK, where they are offering the bottom tier model for £1250 (RRP is £1500 for this model). Just wandering as to why it was so cheap? I'm pretty sure it's not a scam because it's sold by what looks to be an electronics merchant with plenty of positive reviews on it's products. The product was sold and backed by Amazon a few days ago at the same price but I think they ran out of stock.. Do any of you guys have any experience with buying Macbook Pro's on Amazon? What would be the difference (Apart from the price obviously) between me buying this on Amazon UK and buying it in the store? I myself have only used Amazon for a few cheap purchases (Books etc), so I don't really have much experience with things that cost this much on it.
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    Amazon warehouse deals is selling what you're looking for and its sold directly through Amazon. I've had great experiences ordering open box through them. Apple Honors the Warranty from the day you Open and Register it with Proof of purchase from Authorized Dealer (Amazon is)
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    i purchased a macbook pro from amazon and very positive experience.
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    I bought a base retina MBP from there a few months back - no problems whatsoever. This was a new model sold by Amazon directly, the price was lower than buying from Apple UK, the only downside was it hadn't got ML installed (had 10.7) and it was unclear whether I could get it through the up-to-date program but that's probably no longer an issue.
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    You would be eligible if it was directly from Amazon and not a 3rd party seller on Amazon.
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    I don't know if this is true but I've heard that staying at Lion is more stable than ML, which is still being updated/problems being discovered.
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    Amazon generally demands a bargain price in order to be one of it's listed vendors. I doubt it's a scam because the sellers are generally verified before they are allowed to list.

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