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Buying a new Macbook Air next week, is this a good pick?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Andrew Henry, Aug 7, 2009.

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    I obviously know this is just another one of those "help me pick threads", but anyhow, I'm picking up a MBA next week, for my "ultraportable" I'm currently using a Dell Mini 10v running 10.5.8, everything is GREAT and it's an awesome machine, I use it allll the time, I pair it with my Sprint MiFi 2200 3G router and take it everywhere with me, I like it because it's light, runs OSX nicely etc etc., but this was only always meant as a holdover until I could afford to buy a MBA, because as much as I love this little thing, it's still not an Apple computer, so I'm going to be picking up a MBA.

    I currently have the Mac Pro in my sig, the Dell Mini 10v and a 15" MBP 2.2ghz SR, the MBP I handed off to my wife for her to use, plus it's a little to heavy for me to want to lug around, because I take my backpack everywhere I go. I know the limitations and such of the MBA and don't plan on using it for anything heavier than web browsing, documents, YouTube, VPN, etc.

    So I've been looking on the Apple refurb site, and this is the one I think I'm going to pick up:


    1.86/128gb SSD/9400M/2gb

    Is this a good pick? Aside from the screen issue that I can deal with, is this a good pick for a MBA? I have SSD's in every other machine that I use so I don't think I could go back to a mechanical drive, what kind of performance does the drive that Apple uses get? So just some basic information would be appreciated, and if someone has that same exact MBA some benchmarks would be cool too.

    I appreciate everyone's time, and thank you ahead of time for any (meaningful) responses.


    EDIT: One more quick thing, I can get about 6.5 hours of battery life on my 10v easily, what kind of battery life should I expect from a MBA with normal usage? And is there anything else that I should know before purchasing?
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    Yes it is a good pick, or another alterantive would be got for Macbook air Rev C , and go for the SSD version.

    Or another option is you can wait for next update with a bigger speed boost.

    Earliest Macbook air update : could be in OCT 2009

    or Jan 2010

    or later.
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    Nah not much of a waiting type of person, I need it now, $1349 seems to be a good deal for what you get, I don't think spending the extra money for a RevC will be worth it for my needs as I have a MP for any heavy lifting!

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    Just get it! I've had that model since November last year - and every single time i use it - i just tell my self it is the most beautiful computer I have ever had. I love it.

    When I use mine on battery it is usually pegging both cores for audio production work but i get 3 hours even with it running at full tilt - lcd turned up very bright.

    Sounds like you know you want it o do it. I paid full price for mine (over $3000 CDN) when i got it - and I still don't regret it. I'll have it for a long time. I am on the Beta Test for Snow Leopard and that machine will be great with it come September.

    Advice : You should have already purchased it before reading this sentence ;)
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    the macbook air is cool, except it only has one USB drive and no superdrive, everything else is fine =)

    but let me tell u something, do u have an iphone 3G or ipod touch?

    b/c apple might release the apple tablet aka "macbook touch" ranging from $500-$700, in september or october.

    and you might want to wait till september if you get the macbook air b/c all macbook's and imac's will come automatically installed with

    Mac OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard"

    instead of paying the extra $30 bucks to update

    happy shopping!!!!
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    I bought the same one for $100 more about three? weeks ago?

    I would buy it again...... and im sad i didnt buy it sooner.
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    You pay $9.95 for the update if you bought a computer within a certain time frame.

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    i think that's for all macbook's bought after jun 2009, idk,

    but all i know i have to pay $30!

    but if u wait till september u will get it for free!!!!!!
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    I have an iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch, I have no need for a "tablet", and the MBA will come with Snow Leopard for only $9.95 which is no big deal seeing as I need to buy it for my other Macs anyhow.

    As I said before, I'm not the type of Apple fan that waits.. waits.. waits.. if I need something I'll buy it now.

    Thanks for your input,
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    I say go for it!... you will not be disappointed. I have been using my 1.8 80gb Rev. A for a long time now, and I wouldn't trade it for the world! (well, maybe a Rev. C SSD, but only if it were an even trade). On a full charge, I still get 4.5-5 hours of normal use when I turn the brightness down and put it on battery saver mode... about 4 hours if I don't do those things. The newer versions are supposed to be even better on battery life, so you can expect at least 4.5 hours.

    Another thing that is rarely mentioned are the ergonomic advantages of a thin notebook. Sitting on a table in a coffee shop (like I am right now) or typing long reports for work, the thinness of the MBA doesn't make my wrists hurt like other notebooks have because your wrists are not resting as high off of the table. My previous notebooks would kill my wrists after only an hour of typing, but this thing has yet to give me any sign of carpal tunnel. I say this only because you are upgrading from a mini 10, and although I have never used a mini 10, an HP mini-note really hurts my wrists to type on for extended periods of time.

    I'm not going to sing all of the praises of "thinking how cool it is every time I take it out of my bag"... but rather point out some advantages that people rarely think about. If you currently have a mini 10, you will be very happy with the performance increase, and the weight savings is a very nice perk. I had a hp 2133 for awhile, and even though the computer itself was only 2.7 lbs. Everything that I had to carry with it made it a burden in my bag... the power adapter is heavy, plus the extra battery added another lb. or two.

    again, go for it, you will not be disappointed!
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    This is the Air that just ordered this weekend. I could not resist the deal. I've wanted an Air since they were released, and I can't wait to get it. Plus, I paid no sales tax with my state's tax free weekend :D
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    NC MacGuy

    That's a good price and a good unit. I have one just like it I paid $1100 more for.:eek: Battery is about 4 hours. If I go easy and turn down brightness, no BT and stay away from Flash sites maybe a bit more.
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    It's a nice machine. The $100 difference between the 1.86GHz (REV B) and the 2.13GHz (REV C) gets you 270 MHz (.27 GHz) of clock speed, a slightly better rated battery, and the USB ethernet adapter (which is $29 retail) -- since the USB ethernet adapter comes with the Rev C units. Your call.
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    I was wondering what the main differences between them were, for $100 more those are things that I can live without, I'll never use the ethernet adapter, and the little extra speed bump isn't going to make my e-mail and web surfing ANY faster, especially considering 85% of the time this computer will be surfing through a Sprint MiFi 2200.

    Thanks for everyone's help, just hope that this computer doesn't leave the refurb store before I can get it next week! :eek:
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    bad at math eh....lol

    270 mhz speed difference :p
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    D'oh indeed :)
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    There are no more 2.13 SSD refurbs on the Apple Store right now, but I recall seeing them several days ago for $1549 (I think), so the difference compared to the $1349 1.86 SSD would be $200, not $100. I think the 1.86 SSD is a great deal.
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    I thought they had both dropped in price by $100 -- might have been wrong in that. IIRC, the original price difference was $100 ($1449 vs. $1549).
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    The model you are talking about is the same one I have. I use it as a secondary computer to my Mac Pro. It is in a way my Apple Netbook. :) I use it on the road for email, office apps, and web browsing.

    I spend a lot of time on 3G with my AT&T USB 881 I get between 3 and 4 hours with the brightness set at about 50% using the apps I mentioned above. I feel fairly confident in saying you'll get about 3.5 hours using it, I've been using this laptop since last fall so my estimate should be fairly close.

    Also even though you didn't mention it I have loaded HD videos on my laptop and watched them on the go with the 9400M the Air plays them with no problem.
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    Thank you! I went and looked and compared the MBA vs 13 MBP and I'm definitely picking up the MBA, I don't need the power of the MBP, but I definitely need the portability of the MBA, plus after converting all of my computers to SSD boot drives, I can never go back, so I will definitely be picking up that model, I just hope they last in the store til next Friday!!
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    I got my 2.16 refurb Air last week. Went OOS shortly after I bought (I got the last one maybe?). I paid $1549.
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    you mean 2.13 right... i dont remember my thing being 0.03 ghz faster than advertised lol

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