Buying a (Retina?) MBP off of kijiji

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by TheGreenBastard, Dec 28, 2012.

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    So I found an ad on kijiji, for a 2012 MBP (assuming this is a retina?)
    He says he doesn't know anything about macs, and that's why he's selling it. But get's only $850. Too good to be true? We'll find out

    He said its a 15" i5 with 4GB of ram, but doesn't know anything else about it because he's technologically inclined.

    Other than where the power button is located,how can I tell this is a 2012 model? We will be meeting at an Apple store to make sure it's legit and not stolen, I suppose I could ask these questions there, but I'd rather save time.

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    Please help. I'm exchanging emails with him as I type this and I don't want to get scammed.

    To answer any future questions: didn't specify if it's the June 2012 model or October (retina model)
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    The June 15" is the Retina model. Ask him for the serial number. Use the EveryMac lookup to find which model it is.
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    Ok, I misunderstood that.

    Anyway, I asked to meet him at an Apple store and said I'm "so rude," and that he was gonna report me to kijiji "admin" for harrassment. Either way, I smelt trouble from this guy.

    And assuming its stolen considering he wouldn't meet me at the Apple store.

    Also, that escalated quickly
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    Ouch. Probably stolen. I suggest you should be the one reporting things!
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    I was very skeptical from the beginning when he first said it was "2012" model but was 13 months old...figure that one out....:rolleyes:
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    Also there is no 4GB 15" retina model.
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    Thanks for informing me. He said he already sold it, looks like he scammed someone else :( poor buyer

    Anyway, I'm getting a new rMBP, which will be my first Mac, kind of excited.

    This one I'm buying is an i7 2.6 GHz, 8 GB and 750 GB hard drive.

    Anyone know how easy/hard it is to put in an ssd?
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    It is pretty easy to install an ssd in a rMBP, all you have to do is remove the bottom plate with a pentalobe screw driver, remove the ssd using a standard philips screw driver (I think) and then do everything in reverse with the new one, but there aren't any capacities of ssds higher than 750 GB and they are all expensive
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    Huh? I was told it was a hard drive. But also read rMBP come only with ssds?
    Are you saying this 750 GB HDD is infact an ssd?
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    All rMBPs come with an SSD already. Also those SSDs that come with the rMBPs are of the proprietary variety. You won't be able to waltz into a store expecting to be able to pick up an SSD that would work with the rMBPs.

    If you plan on upgrading your Apple SSD, check with OWC ( They are not all interchangeable (e.g. MacBook Air 2011 uses a different SSD than the MacBook Air 2012).

    As for the original MBP that use a standard 2.5" hard drive, as this poster said, it's very easy to swap it for a standard 2.5" SSD drive. You can find the exact steps on

    The 750GB HDD in it is a standard mechanical drive (look up the specs and you will see that it's a 5400 RPM drive). RPMs = revolutions per minute = spinning drive = non-SSD.
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    I know the difference between a hard disk and a solid state, but the poster above you had me confused. I'm buying this off eBay, and the ad says nothing about an SSD, which is why I'm asking about installing myself.

    Please bear with me as I have never owned a Mac.
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    Could you share the link to the ad you're looking at? It'd be easier to advise you that way.

    All rMBPs come with SSD, so if it has a mechanical HD it cannot be a rMBP.
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    Anyone tell me if this is a scam?
  16. amoda, Dec 29, 2012
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    Well, it's not a scam, but it's not a retina Macbook Pro either. The seller looks legit, but he's selling, as advertised, a cMBP (classic "old style" macbook pro). In Canada the same configuration MBP sells for $2,199+taxes, so for $1,999 it's a good price. BUT taking into account customs + taxes + $99.55 shipping and you could've just walked into any local store and purchased it for less.

    I suggest you check "Canada only" when you're searching on eBay, that way you don't have to worry about customs & *usually* not about taxes either. You'll also face cheaper shipping costs.

    I'd try something like THIS auction.

    He's a Canadian seller with good feedback, and you can make an offer to try and bring the overall price down. I'd make an offer for $2,000 and with shipping that should save you the taxes (I'm from NS so that's already a 15% savings) and $199 on top. If you're from Toronto you can even pick it up in person (highly recommended) and that way save on shipping and you can inspect it in person.
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    I'm also from NS. I might cancel my order and just go to the Apple store.
    (I thought all 2012 MBPs were retina...)
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    go to and check out the models and prices,i think you should do a bit of research before you hand out 2 gran to a guy on ebay or kijiji
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    There is no such thing as a 15" i5 MBP with 4GB RAM. So don't buy it.
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    I would definitely not pay 2000 for the old one, considering I paid $1800 a few months ago for a brand new, sealed rMBP off Kijiji. Best computer ever.
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    There are, they're from 2010 rather than 2012 though.

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