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Buying advice

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by achie25, Sep 13, 2013.

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    Ill spare you the long version of the story but I am in need of a new computer since my old one is toast.

    I can get a Haswell 13" MBA i5/4GB/128 with iWork and Office from a guy on CL for $900. It also has AppleCare until July 14.
    Sounds like. A good deal. Thoughts?

    I need it for office and surfing web, videos, and such. 8 GB would be nice but I think when the iMac gets refreshed we will probably go that route for home.
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    Be sure to check apple.com for refurb prices if they have any, otherwise if he guy offers AppleCare sounds like a legit deal. Just don't meet him in a dark alley unless your are 200LB+ :)
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    I bought a base 11" Haswell off a guy on CL a couple of weeks ago for $800. Loving it.

    As long as the seller doesn't ask "Are you a cop?" during the negotiations, you should be all right. Also, does the seller have the box, or only the laptop and charger? Having the box is more of an indication that it's legit, and not stolen off a table at a nearby Starbucks.
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    Is AppleCare transferable? I assumed it was tied to your Apple ID.
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    No, Applecare is tied to the machine it was sold with, not an Apple ID. You can sell your Mac's and phones with the remaining AC on them...adds to the re-sale value
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    UNLESS the purchaser turns in a form to Applecare and gets a pro-rata refund of it back. Otherwise, it does stay with the machine.
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    Is that the same if you buy AppleCare 10 months or so after you bought the computer? Like for those of us who decided to get AppleCare after the fact because of the seemingly high rate of failure of Toshiba SSD 128 GB drives.
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    Yes. It's the same as if you bought it the same day or 364 days later.
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    I ordered AppleCare two days ago for the aforementioned reason. I find it kind of surprising that Apple still mails out the AppleCare agreement via UPS as opposed to emailing it. Because I'm still waiting for it to arrive, I have not yet been able to apply it to my MBA as there is a registration code in the box that I'll need. They really should be at the point where they can email you the code right after the purchase goes through.
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    He has the box and all the cords/charger.
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    you can verify coverage on the Apple website with your serial number. The physical applecare paperwork isn't even necessary. Most people open it just to see what it is and then it goes into a drawer never to be seen again.


    By July 14 i assume you mean July of 2014 and not 7/14/2014?

    the haswell macbooks just came out in June - if he has AppleCare on it then that should be covered until 2016.

    He is just talking about the 1 year warranty that all computers come with.
    As it were I don't think that's a great deal. i know the machine is new but I wouldn't pay $900 for the base 13"

    that's only $200 off new
    and you could get the 11 for $1000...less on both if you can get a student discount.

    I'm not saying it's a ripoff or anything. Maybe it's just me, i always buy used cars but I generally don't like buying used computers unless it's an unbeatable deal.

    Refurbished is another story entirely.
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    Just checked apple.com, same spec 2012 refurb are going for $849. Next year refurb typically another $100, and it may come out soon.

    So at $900 OK deal but not a steal, but if you need it now...

    If you really need Office and he has the 2011 Office, the full version, not the 2013 rental version, then that's a plus. But iWork is just fine if you are not heavy Office user.

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