Buying an iPad In a Parking Lot is a Bad Idea

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 29, 2011.

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    Grand Prairie, Texas is experiencing an epidemic of fake Apple products -- but not the kind from a fake Apple Store. The details of this scam come from the Grand Prairie police department:
    The silver Chrysler 300 in the above picture was allegedly used in one of the offenses.

    Anyone who has information about the suspects should call Grand Prairie Crime Stoppers at 972-988-8477 or the Grand Prairie "Tip Line" at 972-237-8877.

    Article Link: Buying an iPad In a Parking Lot is a Bad Idea
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    Painted wood... hilarious.
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    You know, if you are dumb enough to get ripped off by this scam, you might possibly deserve it.
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    Agreed that they all deserve it. Just like the dopes that died from Irene by swimming or surfing during it.

    Bunch of numbnuts.
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    LOL That's up there with the Wallet Inspector.

    But let's consider the 'victim' thing here.

    Who in their right minds would a) buy from some dodgy guys in a parking lot for a 1/3 of the price and b) not inspect the item first?

    If you believed the product to be genuine, then you're basically admitting you'd buy stolen goods. No way could you say you thought it would be anything else, like a legitimate sale. And if you didn't check the iThing... well, then you're an idiot.

    So... in a way... the only people losing here are gullible idiots who would have bought stolen items.
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    Yeah, it's odd that they use the word "victim". This is simply one criminal tricking a dumber criminal. The only real victim here is the police officer who has to take the report while keeping a straight face and without making fun of the "victim". :)
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    Aren't they at risk of getting shot? I mean it is Texas.
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    I would have asked for some ID, so that I could write a :p
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    There are a lot of fools in this world.
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    Just got a $300 iPad from Blacks. About to open it up and hook it up to my computer. A white guy sold it to me in the Blacks Hardware parking lot. :)
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    Truly, there's one born every minute.
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    Pssst, I have a Thousand Dollars here. You can have it for Three Hundred.
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    Thanks for the saying, P T Barnum ;)
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    I would only buy an iPad from a car trunk if I could test it on the spot, and if it had almost no bloodstains.
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    Unless it's shellfish.
    Then it's nothing but a tasty & delish om-nom-itunity! X-D
  17. NAG
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    If they were fooled by these guys their gun is probably an overly-ripe banana.
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    I'd like to feel some sympathy for the victims, but I'm just finding it impossible. Seriously, how many signs does one need?
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    You know what they say... If you outlaw guns then only outlaws will have guns. If people want to kill someone there are a million ways that have nothing to do with guns. Personally I'd rather be on the same level as the criminals.
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    Wait, so I'm not supposed to buy expensive products from random people in a parking lot? :eek:
  21. MiWall81, Aug 29, 2011
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    This is funny! People oh people these days...

    Wait a second... What was all that "1 in a million talk..."

    Dumb and Dumber
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    Pssst, hey buddy. Your'e a moron!
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    You can't cheat an honest man.--W.C. Fields
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    Sure it's a tad disappointing...but if Apple released a piece of wood with it's logo, they'd charge 300.00 for it too. Seems fair to me
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    God some pepole are fools.
    I wonder if anyone paid them with forged money?

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