Buying an iSight for my parents' eMac...

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by seenew, Nov 4, 2006.

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    For Christmas, I thought I'd get my parents an iSight so they could keep in touch with my sister and I while we're at college. I heard some rumors a while back about a possible update-- did this ever happen?
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    no updates yet and i doubt there will be, no really new technology out.
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    For iChat use?

    I thought the requirements for iChat to use iSight were pretty strict... might want to check the eMac can utilize the full capability... I'll check and see if I can find any documentation ... :confused:

    <edit> maybe they aren't 'that' demanding for 1v1 video... maybe I was thinking of multi-video conference ... from Apple page....

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    As I stated a few times before I think there will be an update.

    How about an iSight bundled with a remote, front row and photobooth. for all the ppc/mac pro users.
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    how do you explain the recent anavailability of the iSight and it's reappearance with no such features? do you presume this update will come before Christmas? at MWSF?

    i think the iSight would be a great gift for those purposes and should fit your needs fine, seenew.
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    Ya the isight just came back in stock, with no updates. I ordered one mid september for my sister in college(she has an ibook) so we could vid conference. I was eexoecting an update, but it came today and its the same. It doesnt matter, still is great.
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    ...wait, didn't the iSight use to be like $99? Why is it $149 now?
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    It was 149$ for life.

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