Buying Apple notebooks... I don't like Apple strategy.

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by leez, Dec 29, 2008.

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    Ok, nice, I do have MacBook Air 1.6 Rev A.... I'm pretty happy with it, untill I need to do Photoshop, large, "manymultilayered" file... whatever, but now, do I need to live with that ? No, I want to upgrade, maybe rev B, more likely strong MacBook 2.4 (new one) or even better, MacBook Pro 2.4. But now to the point...:

    My Air is worth half the price now (let's say £700),

    MacBook Air revB: £1,271. So: Add £571 to the upgrade.
    MacBook 2.4: £1,125 (+£425)
    MacBook Pro 2.4: £1,369 (+£669)

    But now here's the thing. To wait or not to wait ? Apple releases are ONLY based on speculations and rumors !!! No pre-announces, no time-line, nothing... and I don't like that :).

    Anyway what would you recommend ? Did a research here and there, I'll probably go for the MacBook 2.4.. or wait, maybe Apple got a surprise in Jan. Pff ;). They should have something like a "swap your old for a new one" thing. At least for the same product line.
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    get a macbook
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    and the point is...?

    so you paid top note for a feature lacking, overhyped, under performing gimmick and now its Apple's fault?

    the smart thing to do would have been to buy a MB or MBP back when you bought the MBA.

    Upgrades are a fact of tech life...just don't fall for the hype or believe a word SJ says and you'll be fine.

    have you looked at the refurb store??
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    if they announced their future products that would kill sales of their current products because everyone would stop buying and just wait for the new ones. that would be dumb for a corporation who is trying to make money.
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    it's not feature lacking. it's not overhyped. its not under performing. if you would like to see those 3 things in a computer, go check out the netbooks category.
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    What manufacturer, aside from dangerous defects, does a trade in policy? You're arguing against capitalism. :D
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    Agree, but they should just gave me the chance to upgrade HDD ! Doesn't matter now, my decision, doesn't regret it, just bit disappointed.
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    #8 "Highly recyclable aluminum and glass enclosures...". Melt mine, I'll pay £200 for a new one :). How simple is that. Wouldn't it be the meaning of word recyclable ?
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    trade in ≠ recyclable
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    (trade in ≠ recyclable) true if (notebook ≠ recyclable)

    Anyway just imagine series comes out, you go to Apple Store with your old one, they're moving all your files to a brand new one, with a small fee, called the "upgrade fee" :D. Now you need to sell it by yourself, loose money, time.... It's just so not-Appleish ;)
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    It wouldn't be a smart thing... I would regret it after buying MB or MBP, because a new line just came out... now I'm just disappointed :). I do have alu, I do have nice trackpad, I do have a nice looking Mac... but I need more power :D !
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    as it goes have the version A Air in at £799 and i am mighty tempted

    Shame about the re-sell value , i remember the day's when you bought a £1000 Mac , had it for 9 Months then sold it on for £850 :rolleyes:
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    Sure. That costs about $1800/PA. Apple will happily dispose of the old machine after your yearly upgrade.
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    What would they do with the old laptop that you trade in? Resell it? Then for the price they would offer you for your old laptop, it would actually be better for you to sell it not to apple, but to somebody else, then buy the laptop you want.

    If they recycled the laptop's case and just added in new parts, quality control would go way down.
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    Even my 2.5ghz 4GB ram 17" Macbook Pro chokes on large PSDs for me sometimes, so I don't think it gets a whole lot better on a laptop.
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    If you're looking for Photoshop, you don't want a new MB Aluminum - they have really crappy 6-bit screens. Washed out colours - it'd be a nightmare if you need to do anything with any sort of colour accuracy...

    The MBA or the old MBP (Pre-Unibody Matte) screens are great. Night and Day difference compared to the MB Aluminum screens.

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