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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by woolyback, Feb 17, 2008.

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    Been toying with buying an Apple TV, but have a question that I can't find a 100% answer for...I have a UK iTunes account so appreciate rentals aren't available yet, but is there any intent to allow you to buy films via iTunes ?

    i.e. I know you can rent one for $x, and it disappears after you've watched it, but is there a facility available (or will there be) whereby you just buy the film (an dthen own/can keep it as per a DVD? Or would I just continue going to HMV, buying the DVD and importing it into iTunes ? :confused:
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    films both rent and buy should be coming later in the year though all studios are for rent, i think its only disney and their partners that are selling so far.
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    May be speakerwizard, i think so........
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    As of right now, there are no HD movies available for purchase, anywhere on the ITMS. The only HD content available is for rental.

    SD movies are available for purchase.

    As for The Steve's intent on opening these purchases up to the rest of the world, no one knows. If you are interested, there are threads here which describe in detail how you can obtain a US iTunes gift card, and use that to purchase SD movies, music, etc.
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    "there are threads here which describe in detail how you can obtain a US iTunes gift card"

    i like this method for renting but i dont feel comfortable buying content in case apple were to ever clamp down on foreign usage etc, would be a waste of money.
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    I appreciate your concerns. I would just point out that if cracking down were something The Steve wanted to do, it would have happened long ago.

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