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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by G_Cassius_Longinus, Nov 4, 2010.

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    I'm planning to buy an air, not sure which one though. I live in Europe where the prices of the apple products are more expensive. To my knowledge; what an apple product costs in the states in dollars would be the same number here but then in euro's. So depending on the exchange rates, i could get a 1400 euro air in europe for a couple of hundred dollars cheaper in the states. I will visit the states soon so i might buy one. Does anybody know if there is any downside to this? e.g. problems with warranty or such when i return to europe?


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    Warranty on an Apple Laptop is international, as-long as it's a product that they sell in your country. So you'll be fine :).

    Only downside is that you'll have the USA keyboard layout, which I personally prefer to the UK one!

    I did it back when it was £1:$2 with my MBP, and got my iPad in the 'states before they were released over here :cool:.
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    I would just keep in the mind that the in the US, you will pay that states sales tax, which varies from state to state. Some states have significantly higher sales tax than others.
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    Unless the OP is traveling to Oregon..
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    Is it possible to order from the Apple Online Store in the US, and ask to put in a european wall plug instead of the american?
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    Like someone from Europe would travel to Oregon of all places in the US. :p
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    Well, I'd say it's worth it if the OP is planning on doing several big item purchases! :p
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    Not sure. But this shouldn't be a factor. The plug end of the power adapter is removable and you can either buy a set of international Apple brand plugs or just use some cheap generic brand of figure 8 cable that has a European plug at the end (most stereos/mini hifi's have a compatible cable). I change cables when travelling to continental Europe.
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    As far as I know in Europe Apple warranty is 2 years vs. 1 year US warranty.

    If the price difference is not too much, it may worth for the 1 year extra warranty.
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    Seriously? With the same exact coverage?
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    Hey! I'm from Oregon. :(

    At least I dont pay sales tax :p
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    Taxes do change the overall price considerably, unless you're in one of a handful of states that don't charge sales taxes.

    What you could do is order it to the address you will be at in the US, and if you have it shipped by Mac Connection or Amazon you can most likely save the taxes.

    This would work much better if you know the people where you're going... but I have even had products shipped to hotels in cities I travel to when I am staying for a week and can be sure it will arrive while I am there.

    Good luck.
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    No. They want you to go local anyway. They don't even accept foreign credit cards in the Apple Online Store.
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    This is the *real* reason why Apple products are more expensive in Europe than they are in the U.S. Overall service costs are higher here (EU), because warranty laws are more in favour of the customer.
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    Warranty is 1 year in the UK and France, I'd assume the same for the rest of Europe.
    Although UK law does enable you to challenge the only 1 year should you need to.
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    UK law allows you to challenge up to 6 years after buying - as long as the item could 'reasonably be expected to last that long'.

    Since Apple offer a 3 year warranty, it's reasonable to assume that all their products are expected to last for at least 3 years. You should therefore be able to challenge Apple and get them to fix any manufacturing defect at least up to 3 years, even if you don't buy Applecare.

    And yes, this probably accounts for some of the extra cost of items in the UK.
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    I think in some countries it is two years. I am 100% sure that iPhone has 2-year warranty in most European countries. There is also an old topic about it here:
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    Not sure where you are from but the euro prices for macbook airs (I randomly checked italy) were not 1400$. I saw 1299 euros and 1599 euros (two 13 inch models)

    1299 euros = 1829.88 USD

    1599 euros =2252.92 USD

    From the US store

    1299 USD(not included taxes) = 922.16 euros

    1599 USD(not including taxes = 1135.02 euros

    You would definitely save some money buying from the US. You can find an adapter that will change US plugin to Euro. Just remember to also buy a laptop bag and carry it with you so they won't know you bought a macbook and charge you duty fees. I'm not sure if they do that for people outside north america but in Canada they ding you pretty good. Especially on alcohol.
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    Thanks but I was aware of the fact that they might check it at the airport here in The Netherlands where I live (but the chances are slim). Furthermore does anybody know if I would even have to pay taxes over it when I buy it in NY? Cause I remember some stuff where they didnt charge us taxes at all ( I believe it was in a big department store).

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    I don't think the US pays taxes on clothing items(American confirm?)
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    You would definitely have to pay taxes on a laptop in New York. If you will be in New York City it will be an additional 8.875%. Other parts of the state will be slightly less, but I would plan on at least an additional 7-8%. As hamlin says, you probably aren't taxed on clothing (but some states are taxed on clothing as well). Tax rates and what items they apply to are completely controlled by individual states.
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    You can buy the Euro (or UK) plug for the Apple power supplies on eBay for a few dollars. I bought adapters for UK, Europe and China for less than $10 total.
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    The only other consideration, if you are not ordering a BTO model online, is whether you want a UK or US keyboard layout.

    I bought mine in the UK but needed to BTO to get the US keyboard...
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    If you own/buy through a business and hence get back the VAT in Germany (Mwst), the prices are almost identical in the US and Germany - worth considering .

    There is indeed a two year warranty in Germany, but that's a vendor warranty with a few limitations; the manufacturer/Apple warranty is 1 year .
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    wouldnt they only fix it if you sue them?

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