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Buying new 5G tonight

Discussion in 'iPod' started by jruc4871, Mar 7, 2006.

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    I can't wait any longer. My 4G 40GB B&W has been dead for a month. Despite the risk of a new model in early April, i'm buying a 60GB white 5G tonight from the Bethesda Row (MD) Apple mini-store.:D

    I'll also be buying a case, probably one that is offered at the store.

    The only hesitation I have is with the apparent software "glitches" surrounding the latest iPod updater. Is this a valid concern? Should I avoid the January update when I format it tonight? Any suggestions are welcome.
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    you went a month after you 4g died? wow, I lasted 4 days before breaking down :p
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    aside from the somewhat notorious 'disappearance' of songs that aren't tagged for an album under an artist of whom you only have one tagged album, the 5g firmware has been pretty much alright in my opinion. seeing as how (i believe) this 'glitch' is inherent in all of the firmware revisions for the 5g, i wouldn't worry about it.

    after the battery in my 3g lost virtually all of its capacity, i thought my life was over. and seeing as how apple had yet to get back to me on the whole battery replacement program thing, i decided it was time to move on. :)
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    I surprised myself. I've had to listen to FM RADIO :eek:

    I kept thinking I could hold off and wait for whatever flashy new model came out. But realistically, that might not be until October, and my Shuffle definitely won't cut it until then.

    And, the more I thought about it, i don't need more than 60G and a bigger screen won't rock my world.
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    cool, i'll cross my fingers with the updater.

    I have what appears to be a major HDD cank. I'm not interested in paying $260 for an Apple repair, nor am I interested in putting a new $80-$90 HDD in an 18 month old iPod.
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    My ipod photo gave me the unhappy face last friday morning.

    I made an oath to hold out until the alleged 6g.

    6 pm the same day, i was presented with 2 5g boxes and asked 'which colour'?

    It was snowing at the time so i said white.
    Holding out for a month? How did you manage that!

    edit, looks like i went for the same as you white 60gig, must mean something..good.
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    Sounds good, If i needed an iPod now i wouldnt hesitate getting a 5g they are sweet...one word of warning, get a protective film and apply it when you first remove your new iPod from the box, its worth it...

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    Amen! I didn't take the little film that the ipod comes in until the very second i put my invisibleshield on. i think i have a total of 1 SLIGHT scratch, after a good 4 months. I wouldn't have it any other way.

    -The Dulcimer-
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    I agree. Mine doesn't have a single scratch on the face of the ipod. I have a martin fields protection on mine.
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    My 5G is three weeks old and it's covered in little faint scratches. And you know what? I couldn't care less. It has a lived-in look, like my favourite jeans (in the pockets of which it practically lives) :)
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    i have the same, it kicks butt! enjoy :D
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    I should have put my invisibleshield on my 5g earlier, but it still looks alright.
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    After I updated software for the Ipod, I got a wonderful treat in that snazzy little folder icon coming up when I turned it on. Then, after resetting, restoring blah blah blah, my wonderful 30G Ipod Video's screen didn't show any color. Thank goodness for warranties, as a replacement has been shipped. Let's just hope...that it doesn't do that again. :(
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    Just returned from the Apple store with the new 60 gigger. I'll let you know how it turns out.

    As is my luck, the Apple store was devoid of quality cases. Now I have to behave and not scratch the thing until i find a quality case online.
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    Well, i gotta say it - this thing is awesome! But, it scares me to death without a case. Hopefully that will be resolved right after work today.

    Anyone recall that High School parenting game involving an egg? The one where you have to carry it around for a week and not break it? That's the way I feel with this new iPod - I'm practically using surgical gloves with it for fear of turning it into a scratched up omelet.
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    meh I'm not worried about scatching my iPods anymore.

    when I first got one years ago, I was paranoid about keeping it in perfect shape, had every precaution taken, babied it, etc. When I got my second iPod a couple years later (4th Gen) I just used it. Can't even begin to say how much more enjoyable it is that way. Just use it and enjoy it. Back in the day with the iPod I would protect it partialy because people would come up to me wanting to see it because they were rare at the time (mac only) but now everyone has one so who cares, might as well use it if you payed that much for it.

    btw, I keep hoping my iPod battery dies the day before the next-gen comes out. That way I can continue to use my old iPod as an external drive for moving files around, and have an excuse to buy a brand new one :p
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    Bummer about people's iPods that are newer than mine breaking. I'm still chugging along nicely with my 3G 30GB.

    If it did break, though, you can bet I'd be at the Apple Store the same day!
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    It seems to me apple did SOMETHING right with the 3G, cause my friend has one that is all dented and scratched to death (he bought it on ebay) and he had to replace the battery. But the thing just works, he told me he's dropped it down a staircase before and it just keeps plugging along (he is like that, dropping things, thats why i don't let him hold any of my stuff ;) ).

    I hate the design, but my God apple did something to make those worth it.

    -The Dulcimer-
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    I just filed my taxes... looks like I'll be getting enough income tax back to pay off almost all of my Visa :D

    You know what that means though... enough credit to buy an iPod and a whole bunch of accessories for it and my iBook. :eek:

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