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Discussion in 'iPod' started by yukon0013, Mar 29, 2008.

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    So in a couple of days i am going to buy a new 80 Gb Ipod Classic.. One thing i wanted your guys opinion on is which color to get and any suggestions as to a good case to buy.. any input appreciated..
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    both of them really nice, if i end up getting the classic i will go with silver, just because i am really sick of always having a black ipod, and you really don't see too many silver ipods around.

    +1 for Silver!!!
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    Tallest Skil

    What color to get?! It's your iPod! Imagine talking to your friends about it:

    "Yeah, I wanted a black one, but the MacRumors team said to get silver."
    "Does the silver one hold more stuff?"
    "No, but they said to get it, so I did..."

    Awkward, eh? Pick a color that you like/goes with your stuff/can stand to look at/care about/is real and have fun with it.

    I always keep mine iPods naked, so I can't recommend a case. :D
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    Ya.. I was leaning more toward the silver one.. and i am looking for case recommendations because my ipod will definitely need some sort of protection..
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    here's one vote towards ipod socks,
    they still rock.
    no sense in ruining the look of you new ipod with a clunky case!!!
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    Hahah.. i was like actually looking at that one like 5 minutes ago.. I like how it looks but then reading comments on it how it will scratch of dent the back of your iPod kind of turned me off of it.. I like to keep my stuff like my iPod and MacBook in good condition and like i will probably cry if my iPod were to be dented by a case..
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    why not buy one of these for the 160 classic Pod units... :cool:
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    umm.. NO
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    go with the Invisible shield there amazing
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    I would buy this: http://www.griffintechnology.com/products/iclear
    I have it for my iPod Touch and I had something similar to it for my 5G iPod. The only thing about it is that it doesn't protect the click wheel, but that is less of a problem than on the 5G iPod because the aluminum doesn't scratch as easily.
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    I like silver over the black, it's jazzier. The black is rather dull in my opinion, whereas the silver stands out yet isn't gaudy. As for a case, I also favor the iPod socks over cases because you can just easily slip it on and off. It doesn't restrict you and gives you good scratch protection. Instead of paying the $30 for Apple brand ones, however, I would look for 3rd party equivilents. I got 4 of them for $10 and they are the same exact thing build-wise but even better - no little tag on the ends of them that have the brand logo!
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    have you looked into other mp3 players such as iriver and meizu?
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    I bought an Invisible shield for my iPod Video and love it. Cant tell its there at all and it protects it just fine.
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    I really like the cases at ifrogz.com. The screen protector extends down over the entire front face, allowing you to place a sticker over the control wheel to add extra personalization. I've been using these cases with the sticker over the click wheel for a few years now, and it doesn't impede the click wheel in any way. Tested on Classic, First Gen Nano, and 3rd Gen Nano. Good luck with your choice. :)
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    I just got a 160 gig silver. I got sick of having everything in black.

    check out colorware.com for other choices also.
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    Silver is nice because if it scratches it's not so noticeable. With the black... yuck!
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    Tom B.

    But the iFrogz classic case only comes in one size, meaning the 80GB classic needs an insert. Not good.

    I vote for the Incase Protective Cover.
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    So I decided that I am going out today and am going to buy the silver classic.. after looking at my friends black one last night, I am definitely getting silver. The black classic shows grease and oil from skin and looks gross... as for the case I think I am going to go ahead and get the incase leather case from the apple website..
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    I have an old leather incase on my 4g and it is still classy and in great shape. I can slip the ipod out fast to admire it naked.

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