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Buying new MB Air - known issues

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by majkom, Jun 30, 2013.

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    Hi, so, are there only these two known issues with new macbook air?

    1. WiFI problems - dropping connections and switching to n instead of ac after sleep

    - can anyone running Mavericks developers preview confirm this problem is gone with Mavericks, or not?
    - or, if anyone with new MB air participates in that voluntary apple seed program, does that tested update resolves the issue, or not?

    2. display flickering with some applications (adobe PS, parallels, vm ware)
    - again, does it occur under OS X Mavericks?

    Simply, can anyone confirm this is just SW issue that will be easily solved, or it may be HW issue and my potential brand new mb air will be crippled?

    Are there any other known issues?
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    Those two seem to be the issues mentioned most here on the forums. I suspect both will be fixable with a firmware update. There is already a test update out for the wifi issue, and forum members are reporting the fix worked.
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    Most likely the wifi is a software issue. The flickering I know was reported as a problem in PS, but it seems isolated. I think the real only issue is wifi that would concern me. Otherwise, I buy machines and don't search for issues like some people.
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    so both issues seems to be pretty much solvable by sw update? if so, i will order one tonight:)

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