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buying state of the art computer

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by jefhatfield, Oct 8, 2002.

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    has anyone here ever bought a computer that was considered absolute state of the art for its time?

    for instance, this month, it would be like buying a dual 1.25 powermac, or 800 tibook, or 2.8 ghz p4, or 2600+ athlon

    i always buy something that was state of the art such as a used machine like when i bought a used 604e machine when the new G3 powermacs were out, or i buy a consumer based computer new like i did with my ibook or k6-II PC laptop

    between bills, student loans, and a high cost area to live, i can't afford state of the art computing but if i did, i would get an 800 mhz tibook, with 1 gb ram, applecare, extra battery, and a carrying case...what would that come out to be? over four grand?:p
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    Re: buying state of the art computer

    Jeff, you should know it matters who you buy from.

    How about $3800 with a case and the gig of ram, extra battery and Applecare + free shipping. See, I do have the best prices ;)

    My 667 is not state of the art, but when the new ones finally come out, I will buy a top of the line then. Sell this one as a demo.
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    When I bought my DP1Ghz Quicksilver it was top of the line (and cost it!), but considering the next one down was a single 933 my investment I feel was woth it, I'll get a MUCH longer life out of my DP1Ghz that I would have out of a single 933.
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    Re: Re: buying state of the art computer

    tut, tut, I don't know, abusing your position like that, hehehe :D :p ;)
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    Re: buying state of the art computer

    4 Grand? Nope! Just look at this cart from MacMall:

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    Re: Re: buying state of the art computer

    One small problem. Apple ships the 800 with 512 in 2 256 dimms. BTO to get it to 1 512 dimm. They charge rediculous amount for it.
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    And you forgot the extra battery that is 129.00$


    sheesh and the case! :eek: :p :D ;)
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    I think you better take a second look. :p
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    Re: Re: Re: buying state of the art computer

    Somehow I doubt that. This is not Apple, this is MacMall. And if MacMall offers a memory upgrade (as shown in the image), then why would they use 2 DIMMS to make 512MB? :rolleyes:
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    Well, I can tell you that the 800 with 1Dimm is a BTO only build from Apple. If Macmall isn't being charged the markup from Apple, then they are replacing the 2 256's with a 512 of their own. not Apple memory. Then they could use the 2 256's and give them for free on another order.
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    MacMall does keep their own stock of supplies, you know.
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    Re: Re: buying state of the art computer

    1) i would buy from you over macmall.com or macwarehouse.com any day ;)

    2) a 667 tibook is pretty darn close to state of the art, and not too long ago, 667 was the cherry pie in the sky...i take it you are going to be gigahertzing sometime in the next few months with a new high end tibook...sweet:D

    3) and edesignuk, a dp 1 ghz certainly will last you longer than a single g4 at 933 mhz, but i wouldn't mind one of those either right now since i am typing this post on my 300 mhz ibook (but i got this 300 mhz g3 ibook/4 mb agp video card/3 gb hard drive to replace my 185 mhz 604e tower/2 mb pci video card/2 gb hard drive)
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    Keep in mind jeff that that price you see in the attachment I posted is just the subtotal; it does not include tax and shipping, and depending on where you live it very well could cost $4,000+ dollars even if you choose the lowest shipping cost (I know it's that way here in Nashville. :().
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    my dual 500 was apple's top model when I got it. and my dual 1900+ was pretty close to the top config a few months ago I think
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    Re: Re: buying state of the art computer

    I'll take it when it's a "demo."
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    my iPod is state of the art for now :) 20gig...
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    i've never had anything that was state of the art, but i should have when i graduate and actually get a job!
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    Taz ;)

    Well, that is another thing Shrek. No shipping, and no tax from me ;)
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    my dp 800 was at the time.

    and when i steal tbgs 1.25 i'll have that which is the current top.

    so i should be set for a few months. ;)
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    So, yes...I got one. :D

    I got a dual 1.25 (which Jello isnt gonna steal...cause if he tries, I kick him in the nuts).

    I also put in the GeForce 4Ti and it has 2 GB RAM....

    Why do I have this?

    Cause Backdawg is the man. By far had the best price. I looked around and NOBODY could beat him. When you add the tax to other people's deals that seem sweet.....nope. Its all about General Cybernetics.

    Dont give him a hard time, cause sometimes some deals seem better elsewhere....but youre not looking at the big picture, and his prices are actually REALLY REALLY good.
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    gotta find em first. :eek: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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    SO youre Saying that you have small Balls then?

    Oh my god this is SO0000 Cool/..... I am using Inkwell right now with My intuos2 that I got from Backdawg!!!
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    can only lead a horse to water. can't make him drink.

    yeah, inkwell seems pretty sweet. find it hard to get used to the whole tablet thing myself though.. just need more practice i guess.
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    Dude Inkwell is awesome. I highly recomend it.
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    Re: buying state of the art computer

    At this point should be understud that "state of the art" computer is utopic.

    There is a relation ship between:
    1. Capabilitys of the computer (ram, super drive, etc)
    2. Price of the computer.
    3. And revenue of that investment. That means how much money back are you gonna get from that investment.

    As an adult, that is getting an "state of the art" something. If I get a Commodore 64 with video toaster at $100 and I can produce in the first month $4000 editing video, I can asure your that my computer is more "state of the art" than the lates Mac model.

    Now, with cars and other objects there are different parameters, but with computers this is what you shuld consider most of the time.

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