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Buying the same song twice?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Hustle, Sep 29, 2007.

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    If i have allready purchased a song and its in my purchased folder, if i went back to that song in the future and clicked buy now in the iTunes library, not knowing i've already purchased it, is it going to give me a warning or just download it twice and charge me?.

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    iTunes Music Store - Now with dumbass protection. :D

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    Haha, thanks. Its just incase i forget. I've spent £25 on iTunes music this weekend. Its the first time i've purchased, err, 'itunes' music. ;) Dam it feels better when its legit, err, i mean, from iTunes. :)
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    Of course it is. Because you actually own it. ;)
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    Assuming it's not DRMed, of course.
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    Offering me solid protection against foolish, drunk iTunes purchasing...
  7. EDF
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    I've always wondered this. Just redownloaded a bunch of songs from iTunes.
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    If you can't sell it you don't own it. Music that isn't in physical form is not "owned" at all.

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