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Buymusic.com ripping off the iTMS again????

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by kylos, Jul 27, 2003.

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    Someone please tell me I'm wrong 'cause this is just sick. I was stepping out of the house when I caught a glimpse of an ad with a girl singing out her favorite tune (with a completely white background, no less) with what looked like an iPod in her hand. I told my family, "Ahh, that's an iTMS ad". You guessed it; as the ad finished up popped a line pointing viewers to BuyMusic.com just as you might see in your typical Apple ad. Someone please tell me I'm mistaken!!! This has deeply disturbed me. I mean, I know people like to copy Apple, but if what I witnessed is true Blum has truly taken this to pathological levels. If anybody was able to see this better than me and can reassure me that I just had a momentary lapse and nothing this revolting has occurred, please do me the favor of calming my mind!
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