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BuyMusicSucks.com - Um... well, I think it speaks for itself...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 26, 2003.

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    Childish and mildly amusing, yet the layout seems more pleasing to the eye than the actual BuyMusic site.
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    Wow. That's gonna get hit with a lawsuit...real quick like.
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    Can't believe it! Seems like BuyMusic.com took over the site: it now leads to BuyMusic.com.

    I bet the previous owner was offered a lot of money...

    Edit: My fault!
  5. arn
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    um... look closer at the site.

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    Oops, seems I was a little bit too quick, but I just knew the site with the green background from the beginning.

    Sorry! :D
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    i am with rower on this one. that site is going to get hit with a big fatty lawsuit. real soon. :)
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    wow this is a great site, i hope it says up and he adds content

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    LOVE the "easy as prison rape"

    Yep, it'll be gone soon. Not that that's such a bad thing, altough it's funny, it's not a good image for us Mac users, I'm sure PC users can see for themselves that it's a bad deal. (If not, the fantastic amount of criticising reviews hopefully have spelled it out for them)

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    Most PC users are a lot more ignorant than you think. When they see those commercials, they'll think it's the only way to buy music online, and go do it. They won't look for reviews, they'll just do it "because it's the only way and if it's bad there's nothing else we can do so we might as well use this."

    When they see Apple's commercials, they'll think Apple ripped off buymusic.com.

    That's what most Windows users are like.

    Oh, and i think this site probably should be taken down. It really doesn't give Mac users a very mature image.
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    now that was funny:p it's like the first time i saw the ellen fiess ad.
    ah, the memories:)
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    Jerry Spoon

    Nice little parody. Hope it stays up and gets updated.
    Probably will be forced to remove it though. What a shame.
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    Shotty graphics work

    Come on now, although it was funny, it looks like some 10 year old did this in MS paint! At least use photoshop, and make it look realistic.

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    Re: Shotty graphics work

    thats part of the humor, that a lot of it was simple mspaint work :) if it looked official many would not have notice the, subtle differences?
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    that is freakin' hilarious.

    crappy job w/the graphics, but it's still really funny.
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    Just when I thought I would never see ******.cx again I see it in the bottom left image. (computer screen)

    Thanks for the horrible memory.

    Wow, I give credit to whoever for making this site.

    They should give a little more info about why it sucks, I mean we know it does, but many more people need to.
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    Oh my.

    My oh my.

    Of all of it, I think the "get screwed" scrawled with a mouse is my favorite part. Well done, in that 12 year old h4x0r kinda way. Even if it will probably get the owner in trouble, it was fun to see...

    But you know, Larry Flynt (Hustler Magazine) got away with all sorts of stuff covered by the 1st amendment, so why shouldn't this be covered the same way? It denotes itself as a parody at the bottom, just like a parody ad in a magazine would.
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    wow...cool :)
    very hilarious ;)
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    I don't believe this site will be removed (unless the owner is offered a good sum of money to remove it). The person who made it isn't actually selling anything, but making a parody and voicing an opinion (somewhat but not very, creatively)...and like Weird Al Yankovic, is humoring people everywhere....

    I just went to the BuyMusic.com website...it told me I needed Internet Exploder and Winblows to view the site....hmmm. I don't think I want to look at the site THAT bad!!! :D
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    Nice. Gay reference is a little stupid, but kinda funny.

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