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CA Gov Davis slashes everything, but prison sys gets raises!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by peter2002, Jan 13, 2003.

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    Reluctantly re-elected California Gov. Gray Davis unveiled his budget Friday, with a $35+ billion record budget defict, everything will be slashed from schools, medical, welfare, you name it.

    But, one organization will get a 1% raise, the California State Prison System.

    Jeez, that recent trip for the governor and state legislatures in Dec. 2002 to Maui, Hawaii that the State Prison Union leaders paid for is paying off big time.

    The governor, who has accepted more than $3 million in campaign contributions from the prison guards' union, wants to increase the Department of Corrections budget while cutting funds for nearly everything else.


    I am glad I left that sorry state. Texas has no income tax or Gross Receipts Tax, California's income tax will go up to 11%, not to mention all the other increases in sales tax, fees, fines, red tape, etc.

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    It's happening here in Iowa, too, but in smaller increments so you don't notice. Tuition at state universities goes up dramatically every year, schools are doing without necessities like teachers, paper, and computers, and the prison system is expanding.

    Just one more reason to decriminalize marijuana - prison overcrowding. but let's not open that can of worms.

    I'd like to see more schools turn into companies, i think overall kids get more out of schools that can provide them with more. The state just isn't cutting it. College... well that sucks, but jesus, elementary school kids deserve better.

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    Re: CA Gov Davis slashes everything, but prison sys gets raises!

    Meanwhile, Texas leads the US in the dubious disctinction of most "criminals" put to death each year.

    The budget shortfall is temporary and will rebound over the next couple of years. Every state has been hit hard economically with this recession and the stock market readjusting itself after the dot com craze. We're paying a tuition hike here at my university, but we're also still able to get some new computers and accessories.

    Tightening the belt for a year or two won't be too bad.
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    The budget shortfall is temporary...

    According to the SacBee.com, the CA state budget deficts will run $10+ billion for the next 5-7 years. I can't find the exact link. But it was posted about 2 weeks ago.

    Bad air, bad people, no water, expensive food, no Super Wal-Marts, expensive old houses, and the worse crime outside of Detroit and Chicago aren't worth the good weather. Leave California before you get wasted in a drive by...

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    Am i a bad person because i live in Ca? Are the founders of apple computer bad people aswell? i am at a loss. Only southern cal has the water problem :(
    you make me feel bad :( please post somewhere else i am disgusted with you
    why are you so anti california anyway? Every state has it's problems including texas so why are attacking us californians, i understand that you are none too please with the current development in our state but to warn us to leave our sunny state is a bit much :(
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    All the more reason to stay here. ;)

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