Cable need to connect to macbook air best way

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by pectin232, Mar 20, 2012.

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    What cable is needed to connect the new macbook air to an external monitor with speaker? if so will the sounds of the Macbook Air go to the external monitor then? Thanks

    DVI or HDMI?
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    Depends on the monitor...
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    DVI (sometimes) doesn't transmit audio, so that probably won't work for you.
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    If HDMI is an option for your "monitor", it's probably your best bet.
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    I like to have things integrated if possible so having a monitor with speakers might be good.... if possible hdmi. I know most monitors with speakers are not so good. suggestions on a mac-like 23-27 inch monitor?
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    Thunderbolt display. :cool:
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    Yep - it's not cheap, but you'll get a seamless easy connect monitor with decent built in speakers. If you have the $1200+ to spend to begin with, you could also get a current model iMac 21 and get two computers out of the deal (although you'd still need an extra keyboard and trackpad, and the the TB cable) if you want to run the air in clamshell mode.

    When I have some extra money, I plan on getting a TB monitor myself, so that when I'm in the office, I can have all my spreadsheets and files open and usable at once without constantly digging for which sheet I need.

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