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Calendar Sync w/ PC Keeps Giving MobileMe Outlook AddIn Error

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by bradleymboyd, May 17, 2011.

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    New iPad user. I cannot get the Sync to work b/t my PC and iPad. Keep getting the error "MobileMe Outlook AddIn Tool Encountered Problems". Have uninstalled and re-installed MobileMe acct on iPad and MobileMe Control Panel on my PC. Spent 2 hours w/ Apple support, they have no idea (Chat Support). When I am in my acct on me.com, i notice that i have the "Find my iPhone" feature and not the "Find my iPad" feature - but I only have an iPad, no iPhone.

    Any suggestions for problem solving this?
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    I had something similar when I used to use a windows laptop, had been working fine and then died and no amount of reinstalling helped. Had to rebuild it and after reinstalling windows the MobileMe sync worked again.

    Find my iPhone is the app name regardless of whether it's finding iPhone or iPad.

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