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Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by garethjs, Nov 2, 2010.

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    As of the last 2 days calender has stopped pushing changes. Contacts/bookmarks all push perfectly.

    iCal pushes up to the cloud
    iPhone/iPad pushes up to the cloud

    but nothing from the cloud pushes down.

    So whatever I add to the iphone and ipad doesn't appear on ical (macbook) until I close & open the app on the macbook.

    And whatever I add to ical (macbook) doesn't appear on the ipad/iphone until I close and open the respective iDevice app.

    I tried adding something through's calender and still it refuses to push. Only by opening/closing the calender apps do I get the info to appear.

    Anyone else?
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    I'm experiencing this and more.

    Most of my issues are with iCal. I can create an event in there (from my iMac), name it and provide a location, but the location and name are not pushed to my iPhone. So on my phone I see 'New Event' with no location or any information at all apart from the times. But if I open up iCal on my MacBook Pro, the event is fine. Just on my phone and MobileMe web, there is no information. Very strange...
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    There was a maintenance session today but it hasn't fixed it. Both my mum, sister and fiancé is on MobileMe (individual accounts). All have the exact same issue.

    The cloud refuses to push calender changes.

    So it can't be just a coincidence.
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    According to this thread, calender sync is no longer push but rather manual sync.

    If that's true then the move to caldev has been 1 step forward and 2 steps backwards.

    I now have to add items to ical and have to physical opening my iphone and ipad apps to have it sync.
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    I am having exactly the same issues. Nothing seems to push down from the cloud unless I refresh in ical or open the calendar app on my iPhone (i meet all the requirements for new calendar).

    Push was working, I tested it not long after upgrading and events I created would push down in a minute or 2.

    Has anyone managed to fix this issue?
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    It was working off/on till about a week ago and it's been completely dead since.
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    I think

    I THINK that push is totally OFF now with the new caldav calendar format. There was something on the mobileme support site about this.

    I have the question though. WHAT the HECK have they done with the calendaring. This was a great feature and now it just seems broken.

    I HAD iCal syncing to MM to my iphone and ipad. Now, I have many extra calendars in iCal.

    I HAD HOME, WORK, TRAVEL, and some subscribed calendars.

    Now, I have HOME, WORK, TRAVEL (on my mac) and HOME, WORK, TRAVEL list at, AND all the subscribed ones are NOW DOUBLE as well.

    If I ADD something to my HOME, WORK, TRAVEL on my MAC in iCal, it doesn't seem to be syncing to MM anymore and doesn't SEEM to be syncing to my iphone/ipad anymore.

    It would appears that I have to ONLY use the HOME,WORK,TRAVEL calendars in iCal, that are listed as the, basically turning off use of the ON MY MAC versions if I want to get calendars syncing with MM and my iphone.

    That just does not make ANY sense. It really seems like one step forward (being able to see shared calendars on MM and iphone) but now having this whole ON MY MAC calendar systems and sycning BROKEN
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    See this to fix your duplicate calendars:
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    Same thing here...

    There is an option / work around. Instead of closing then launching iCal you can refresh your calendars (manually sync them) by hitting:

    Shift / command / R - for all calendars
    Command / R - for individual calendars

    * Or go to the Calendar drop down in your menu bar while iCal is running and select - Refresh -or- Refresh all...

    It's a little faster but Apple needs to fix this.
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    one must realize now, that moving AWAY from mobileme is going to be much harder. There is no longer then the easy ability to ARCHIVE the CalDav calendars. So, moving to ON MY MAC again is going to be harder
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    I had major melt down re: ical a couple days ago. Long story short, Apple techs made sure I changed all prefs/settings (ipad, mini, iphone, macbook) from to Somehow, all idevices are syncing and pushing correctly!:D I previously had a mix of and As a result, had "server not recognized" errors.
  12. Playgear, Nov 10, 2010
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    Just noticed that today (without any effort or changes on my part) that MobileMe is now PUSHING calendar data again! :apple:

    Edit - Probably something to do with:

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    Yes after rebooting my iPad n iPhone I can say that calendar started pushing again. But how long for we shall see.

    I'm not sure about iCal on the MacBook. I'll try it once I'm home n report.
  14. garethjs, Nov 11, 2010
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    Great new problem now. Perhaps with iOS but calendar invites are not registering as invites.

    Friends send me an event invite

    Past behavior
    Invite received
    Mail pushed to idevice saying I have an invite (totally redundant) n to open calendar.
    Calendar alerts with event popup
    Calendar badge + 1
    open shows invites in invitation box

    Invite received
    Mail pushed to device
    No calendar alert
    No badge
    Open calendar app, item in grey but in invitation box no items.

    So basically iOS 4.2 is not recognizing MobileMe invitations as invitations.

    EDIT: Yes ical now pushing as well.
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    which calendar

    which calendar do you all use? Is it JUST the one, or are you using the one that is "ON MY MAC"
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    LOL. Yes it lasted just 24hrs. It has stopped pushing now again.
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    I've got the same symptoms here. It was pushing yesterday, now it's stopped again. Of course this has happened just after I'd emailed the senior MobileMe rep that my case had been escalated to and told him that the problem had resolved itself.
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    I'm using *** After upgrading to the new calendar these are the only ones that will sync AFAIK. Unfortunately although they're syncing they are not getting changes pushed to them from the cloud.
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    Ugh, I know right :/ Disappointing, but hardly surprising.
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    Started pushing again.
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    Mine pushes during the day, but not after about 9:30PM AEDT (GMT+11)

    Maybe it will stay this time?
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    It's pushing well for the last few hours and they've even fixed the invitation bug and I found out when someone sent me an invite which popped up on both the ipad and iphone. Also accepting/declining the invitation on any device (ipad,iphone,mac os, web) syncs across and badge disappears.

    Let's hope it stays this way.

    Now if only the behaved the same way and reading mail on one device sent an updated badge count to the other devices.
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    Remember this is MobileMe you're talking about ;)
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    Well, it's 11:47 PM here in Sydney, AU and surprisingly, MobileMe is still pushing away :)
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    It's stopped pushing down to the idevices but from the idevices it's syncing to the cloud.

    So everything is going to my imac but nothing is going from my imac to my iphone.

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