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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by iCris, Apr 6, 2009.

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    Hi all,i want calibrate my iMac 20" screen,is a good option the PANTONE hueyPRO? to calibrate mi iMac 20".Thx in advance :)
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    I've not heard anyone say good things about the Huey Pro.

    Try the Spyder 3 Pro or the Eye One Display 2.
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    The Huey is pure crap (it got used once and is sitting in my junk drawer). I have the Eye One Display 2 and love it.
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    Ditto on the Huey. I got a Spyder 2 Express (which was even cheaper) that works like a charm!
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    Thanks to all,just one more question,the spider or the eye one allow a second monitor calibration?thanks in advance :)
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    the eye one (i1 display 2) does, got one last week and used already for MBP, Vaio and a T240 Samsung.

    All worked fine.
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    If you mean dual monitors, your computer needs to be able to support 2 different color profiles for your two monitors. If your computer doesn't support it, it doesn't matter if the color calibrator does.
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    well i think my imac alu can,now uses 2 one for imac monitor and one for the samsung conected via dvi.:)
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    Yes, they do. Although with the Spyder 2 Express software, you have to calibrate one monitor at a time and rename the profiles by hand in the Finder. It's also useful to change the profile description via ColorSync Utility.

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