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California Ballot Arrives

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by voicegy, Sep 4, 2003.

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    (I did a search for "ballot" prior to this post...mods, feel free to kill this if topic is being discussed elsewhere in depth)

    I recieved my California Ballot in the mail today...what a shock to see what we've been hearing and reading about for weeks now become a real, actual document to hold in my hands and marvel over.

    179 candidates for governor. (Arnold is number 178, Angelyne is 144, Gallagher is 22, Gary Coleman is 38 and Larry Flynt is 82)

    This is history. I wonder if these things will be worth money in 20 years on e-bay...or if anyone outside of California would even want to buy one now?

    I really don't know what else to say...my jaw hasn't yet lifted from the floor.

    I still bet dollars to doughnuts that the recall will fail. If it doesn't, well...we're in for the ride of our life. October 7th is voting day...this will be watched the world over, and the whole thing raises goose-bumps on my arms. Amazing.
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    any idea how the candidates are ordered? was it random?
  3. KCK
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    Re: California Ballot Arrives

    I believe that the positions of the candidates change on the ballots in each county so that no single candidate receives favorable treatment from being in one of the early positions
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    On all California ballots, candidates are grouped by party, then listed in randomized alphabetical order. The randomization process (which involves film cartridges in a lottery-style contraption) might determine, for example, that all candidates whose last names start with the letter "H" will be listed first. But even within the H's, names will be further randomized according to the second letter, and then the third, and so on. Which means hypothetical candidate Hzyzitz might be listed before her hypothetical rivals Hzan and Hart, and recall voters searching through countless names won't have an alphabetical order to guide them.
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    Two words for this whole affair:

    Cluster - Foxtrot
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    IJ Reilly

    I believe every county will use a different order, so as to not disadvantage any candidate. Or so I'd heard -- our ballot hasn't arrived yet. Oh wait, I hear a forklift coming down the street...
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    HAHAHA! Quite right...I should have clairified that MY ballot reflects the County of San Diego. There are 80 Assembly Districts in the state...California has a process to rotate the names in subsequent assembly districts. If "Robinson" were the first name on the 1st Assembly District, it would drop to the bottom of the Rs in the 2nd Assembly District, and the second name that starts with R would go to the top of the sequence. When the R's are finished, the first name that starts with W will lead the ballot and all the R's would be on the bottom.

    And, y'know, totally, omygod it's like, so, like, complicated and stuff.:p
  8. Inu
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    Re: California Ballot Arrives

    Either its a figure of speech, or its a bit egocentric. I dont see why the world should give a rat's ass about it...
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    Somebody named Mike McCarthy is first on mine. McClintock is the third one down. That sure can't hurt his chances in my district. We were almost 2 to 1 for Bill Simon last November.

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