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Call me crazy, but...

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by jamesryanbell, Aug 3, 2010.

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    I've used five cases now, and the apple one is my favorite. Anyone who says it's tough to remove the iPad from this case....i don't understand. Very, very easy. Haven't had an issue with dirt. Hinge is still holding up. I think it's a great case, but i will concede that it's overpriced.
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    And it collects lint better than a feather duster... opps, that is actually a negative isn't it? Well, unless you want people thinking you're carrying a Furby rather than an iPad.

    Personally, I think the case is nasty and I'm really disappointed with mine.

    Poor build quality, the material is akin to light rubber that really does pick up any piece of crud on every surface it touches and the functionality is poor (especially for movie mode)
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    The old quip goes, opinions are like a*******, everyone has one and no one thinks theirs stinks.

    OP, glad you like your case. I like it also. You can spend much more on a case and be disappointed. Just ask the above poster.
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    I'd agree with all of the above. ;)
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    Have you looked at the pictures of the QUirky Cloak????

    THAT is what i'd call a lint trap....

    My daughter has the apple one, and loves it!
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    I also have not had any issues with the Apple case. No real issue with lint or dirt since it can be easily wiped off. Hinge is great and I probably had it in its "triangle" mode a majority of the time when I was using it.

    I've recently moved on to the Vaja Agenda and love it equally. I wanted a leather one from the beginning and the Vaja exceeds all of my expectations.

    I will still keep the Apple case in case I want to go back and have variety. :cool:
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    You are crazy.


    The iPad is difficult to remove from the case.
    It DOES attract dust, fingerprints, and other particles it comes in contact with.
    It nearly completely blocks the iPad speakers.
    The seam running around the edge interferes with using the volume rocker switch.
    It is not very stable in its landscape stand orientation.

    Compared to the Macally Bookstand, and Yoobao V3 and V4 cases, the Apple case is inferior in virtually every way.

    But if you like yours, that's all that matters.
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    It's all in the eye of the beholder. ;)

    I like Nike sneakers but hate Converse. [​IMG]
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    As eawmp1 says, "all opinions stink!", or something like that! :D

    Sracer - glad it isn't just me!
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    My wife & I both have the Apple case & where it isnt the best case ever made its far from the worst & we both are happy with ours.

    I dont have any idea how long it will last but it seems sturdy enough & we dont have any lint troubles.

    Ill probably find something else I like more in the next few months but Im not rushing out trying to replace it.
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    de gustibus non est disputandum
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    I love my Apple case. The others are even more $ and too thick!
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    Since I got used to the Yoobao V3 and its multiple viewing angles, it's hard to go back to the Apple case, which is basically a good design made from lousy materials.
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    I love my apple case cos it's simple, all black and above all THIN!

    Are there any other cases people would recommend that are as thin as the apple one?
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    The Macally Bookstand is nearly as thin as the Apple case but doesn't have any of the pitfalls.
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    You're a lunatic. I hope you at least have a 64gb 3G ipad. It would be a shame to go cheap on the actual device and then spend a ton of money on cases!
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    I do. :)
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    I know this is a bump, but oh well.

    I just bought this case despite all of the negative reviews. The only part I was concerned with was the collection of dust and fingerprints.

    The case itself is fully functional and I can use it as a stand or for typing. The stand portion is pretty sturdy IF you have it at the perfect angle. You can't put the front cover in the notch at an angle, it has to go flush.

    My case doesn't collect dust nearly as bad as people say. They must live in Somme awful places or something, and mine doesn't collect fingerprints at all. I am a clean freak, and this case matches my needs to a perfection. Mine doesn't get dirty at all and I have used it outside, in diners, on cars, etc. I love it, I am very glad I bought it.

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