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Call of Duty 3 on 360

Discussion in 'Games' started by benyaimin, Jun 7, 2006.

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    The trailer is amazing. But im not sure if thats how the final 360 product will look as the PS3 trailer is exactly the same.
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    Why wouldn't it look the same? The difference between the PS3 and the 360 is negligable.
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    Because almost all trailers are renderings and not in game action?
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    Of course I understand that but I was refering to the graphics in comparison to the PS3 version.
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    yea thats why.
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    this game is going to kick everyone *** on the Wii.
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    Would that be Call of Duty 3: Mario Edition- Rescue the Princess?
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    OOOOOhhhh burn. Good one, though.

    COD2 is awesome, COD3 can only improve upon that.
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    Yah I'm still addicted to COD2 (I bought it the day it came out) but we'll have to wait another year after COD3 is released for Aspyr to port it...sigh.
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    yeah, i know... stupid repetitive story. but if u would actually read what's going on with the Wii, u will find that nintendo is really trying to get away from their "kiddy-image."
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    That sounds like an improvement actually. Shooting Nazi's gets a bit boring after a while.
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    I know...the Wii actually looks pretty cool, I was just messing around. :)
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    gotta say, i think the wii looks pretty stupid. but who knows, i haven't played it yet.
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    Thats why with the new controller you will swing it around like a little kid right?

    Yes I am buying a Wii and will be swing the controller around like a little kid.
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    haha. true.
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    guys, it will be good. it will get u off the habit of only working out your fingers. no you will not be swinging a controller around like a little kid. it'll be really awesome. trust me. :)
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    I never said it was not going to be fun. Like I said, I will be picking one up, but it is still kid like to swing a controller around.

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