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Call of Duty and PunkBuster

Discussion in 'Games' started by Muskie, Jul 27, 2004.

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    I'm really starting to hate PB. At first, when I got it with 1.4 it was annoying because every time I would play through Gameranger (and the host was running a PB server), it kept giving me an error to the sound of "You must have PunkBuster running to join this server" so I would open CoD:MP and start PB. Then I would quit and try joining through GR again, but I got the same message. Over and over this happened, and I couldn't figure out wtf to do. Now all of my friends just host non-PB servers.. yay for that.

    Now I have a new problem. (besides the fact that I still have to click "Yes" to PB every time I start MP) I can't play on any servers if I go and try to join through the server browser built-in to the MP game. I'll join, and get to play for maybe 30 seconds before it boots me and says:

    "Server Disconnected {Vivant} Muskie has been kicked via PunkBuster (for 0 minutes)... PB INIT Failure"

    and there's another one it gets me for, something about 0 packet loss. What the hell is gong on. I can't play and I feel like I'm being spoken to by some jerkwad admin in a condescending tone and its quite infuriating at this point.

    Sorry for the tone... heh, I'm just annoyed. Any help would be soooo wonderful :p

    *edit* oh and by the way, I have no cheats/hacks/bots or anything else of that nature. I don't like cheaters :/
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    Punkbuster just sucks (aside from busting punks). I had a hell of a time getting Quake 3 to work with it... took me many frustrating hours and E-mails from the company... which weren't very helpful. The mac version of punkbuster is pretty bad.
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    You need a fresh install of PunkBuster. Try reinstalling it off of the CD and/or looking up the method on PunkBusters main site.
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    If I remember correctly, don't you click Enable Punkbuster, and you have to wait a little for it to load up? I don't know, that's how I remember it.
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    crap freakboy

    H8 Punkbuster, stopped my 3 year addiction to Q3 (good thing really, nice to use my free time on other things beside fragging). Seemed to have a mind of its own, tried reinstalling many times but it never seemed to work properly.
    Pity they use it on Call of duty. Damn shame.
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    I don't really want to have to reinstall all of CoD. PB came with the 1.4 update (which I guess is still in beta) and so I can't figure out how to toss it and reinstall after a fresh download. The site isn't very helpful, nor is it friendly... quite pretencious these PunkBusters. I love their motto: "If you cheat.... You're a PUNK" wtf. get a life you *******s... bah. sorry. Anyone have any ideas on how to reinstall? My friend has been getting the same errors, im guessing a corrupt or bad PB file in the 1.4 download.
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    All you have to do is set game ranger to pass to cod the value of pb enabled.
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    How do you do this? Even when I play MP thru the COD interface, I have the same issues.

    What sucks is that I have been thru the whole game and now I want to play MP. I get about 2 shots off before I get f'in punked.
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    GOT IT!
    figured out what was wrong. I think the instructions are flawed. I had loaded the pb files into the COD folder. Turns out you need to load the entire pb folder not just the contents of the folder copied over.
    Did it tonight and had had no problems!!
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    did you get the pb files from their site? or are there some that come with the cod 1.4 update that i am missing? what are these files that you are talking about?

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