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Calling all iPod collectors...

Discussion in 'iPod' started by MattyMac, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. MattyMac, Nov 14, 2007
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    As many of you probably are, I too am an iPod collector. It's hard to explain the feeling of getting a new iPod, eventhough you know there's no need for it:rolleyes:

    ...my iPhone is pretty much the only thing that gets use nowadays, but I still find myself trying to find a way to get the next one :D

    Here's a thread to that you can creatively show your precious collection. I for one have my collection displayed as such...

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    Those little stands are so cute, where did you buy them?
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    so that is really cool, i am an aspiring ipod collector. Basically I just dont have the cash yet to buy a bunch of different ones. The only one you really need to work on is the original ipod. My buddy picked one up on ebay for about sixty bucks, the click wheel physically turns, its nuts!
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    He has one its sealed in the box I believe.
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    Take a closer look at the pic ;)
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    Man you need to get some color in your collection! :)

    There are people who collect every color of the Maglite flashlights (http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showpost.php?p=1797653&postcount=23). So there probably are people who have every color of iPod mini, shuffle and nano. And if there aren't, someone should start a collection right now :)

    Cheers - Greg
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    I dont remember an ipod were the click wheel actual turned. Anyone have any pics? closer up, thats a cool collection.
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    The maglite collection is insane...haha very cool! I stick with the standard white or silver, the most original apple colors. I think adding color to my collection at this point would look a bit tacky.

    Yeah the 1st generation which debuted October 23, 2001 had this innovative wheel which was replaced in 2002 with the even more innovative touch wheel.
  9. dcv
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    I like that you're only collecting the white/silver models. Nice collection.

    So what is in the box, is that a 1st or 2nd gen model? (I remember the physical scroll-wheel ones but I never saw the packaging they came in!)
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    That's a pretty sweet collection. Looks like you still need a 2G silver Nano. You should grab a refurb from Apple's website while they're still $79.
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    Its a 1st Gen model. From the box, you can tell by the font of "iPod." No other iPod had that same font.

    Thanks to you too! I plan on buying the 2G iPod from the refurb store. That's my next purchase. Just haven't gotten around to purchasing it yet. Maybe tonight...:D
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    Am I seriously the only collector? I wanted to see some pics...even if you only have 1. I'm sure you display it proudly.
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    Okay, I'll try to get you a pic - I only have 1 as I'm more of an old school "Apple Computer" collector....

    I guess I can throw in my current iPods...
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    Tom B.

    I have a fair few:

    iPod 5th generation - 30GB (black)
    iPod mini 2nd generation - 6GB (blue)
    iPod nano 1st generation - 4GB (black)
    iPod nano 2nd generation - 8GB (black)
    iPod nano 3rd generation - 8GB (black)
    iPod shuffle 1st generation - 1GB (white)
    iPod shuffle 2nd generation - 1GB (green)

    A third generation iPod, and an iPod touch/iPhone are on my wanted list. :D
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    OK...where's the picture...;)
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    Weird... we have exactly the same collection....:eek::eek::eek::eek: .


    Ok kidding, I don't collect iPods, but you wanted a picture.
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    Kamera RAWr

    I've had quite a few iPods over the past years. Funny though, all I have now is an iPhone. I seem to keep selling iPods as I buy newer ones. I don't really need the money or anything, just sometimes someone wants to buy an iPod and can't afford to buy a new one or just doesn't want/need a brand new one... so I sell them my old one :)

    P.S. A 1G iPod would be sweet to have though ;)
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    2nd Gen 10gb
    3rd Gen 15gb
    4th Gen 20gb
    Nano 1st gen 8 gb
    5th Gen 30gb
    5.5 Gen 30gb
    iPhone 8gb

    btw the new ipods are the ugliest things ever.
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    Word...that's crazy. What are the chances?!

    Yeah the iPhone is the only one I use...but I definitely enjoy my collection!
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    I'll have to take a picture but I have a couple iPods........:p
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    wow! That is alot! You have three 3G ipods??? insane!
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    I can't say I'm a collector but I do stay up-to-date on the iPods so I've had quite a few. After getting to use a 1G iPod in 2003(?) I knew I wanted an iPod. Here's what I've had over the years:

    10GB 3G (HD failed after 1 year, replaced by Apple)
    10GB 3G (HD failed after 3 months, out of warranty)
    60GB photo (sold to buy 5G)
    60GB 5G (sold due to non-use)
    4GB 1G nano (lost)
    30GB 5G (current, owned 15 months)
    2GB 1G nano (current, owned 3 months)
    16GB touch (returned due to being too expensive for me at the time)
    8GB touch (couldn't resist it's allure, got a great deal, current, owned 1 month)
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    I wish I could call myself a collector, but I don't have the cash to upgrade from my 3G 15GB...
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    I tried starting a collection at one point, but I ended up giving the iPods away to friends and family members who couldn't afford to buy them. Maybe someday I'll give it a try again.
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    Nice collection.

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