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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by irfan22, Sep 19, 2009.

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    anyone have thoughts on this app? It displays lyrics of the song that's currently playing on your ipod.
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    Your app? If so, why don't you just admit it?
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    Man, why did the iPhone and iPod touch forums have to get so hostile? People are just plain mean here.

    OP, I just have a lyric gathering widget running all the time on my Mac. It's like the same thing, but it will embed the lyrics right into the music file and it will display them in the iPod program.

    I think this app is a wonky work around, you might as well just use google.
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    its not my app but i wish it was. Was just asking before buying but i did just purchase it and its pretty damn awesome. its picking up about 85 percent of my music. All my stuff is properly tagged thought.

    Not sure how you can display lyrics via iPhone's iPod. I know u can add lyrics in itunes but thats it.
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    You just touch the album art, and the lyrics, if saved in your tag, will overlay.

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