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cameras are not a good idea for ipods

Discussion in 'iPod' started by glassx, Aug 31, 2009.

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    alot of people use ipods at gyms and many gyms ban cell phones with cameras. they probably will ban ipods with cameras too
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    I think there'll be iPod Nano, Classic and Touch with camera and without. So like there'll be low-end Nano (maybe 8GB or 16GB) without camera, and then high-end model (32GB) with camera.
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    NO! Apple would never do that!, that's a waste of money!! and bad business!!! we would see over 30 models in a store, in which some won't be popular!

    the only ipod getting a camera is the ipod touch. (for now)
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    I can't see the Shuffle ever getting a camera.
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    iPod Nano:

    - 8GB and 16GB models; no camera
    - 32GB model with camera

    iPod Touch:

    - 16GB and 32GB models; no camera
    - 64GB model with camera

    iPod Classic:

    - 120GB model with and without camera

    Total: 8 models

    Is that too much? Currently, there are 6 models and dozens of colors. Would two new model be too much? IMO, no.
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    ^Terrible idea imo. Either include the camera or not.

    Personally I think only the iPod Touch should get a camera.

    I don't think a nano with camera is possible.. Well not for a reasonable price anyway. The camera would need to be really small, and that probably costs a lot.
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    I would absolutely love, and am probably going to buy, a 32GB iPod nano with a camera.
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    A nano with camera? Holy shiii, that would be brilliant..
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    Great iPods with cameras. More invasion of privacy and child pornography. :rolleyes:
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