Camino 1.0 beta1 released

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 8, 2005.

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    I'm giving it a whirl.

    It's VERY fast. Safari is very sluggish in comparison.
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    I love it, esspecially the web-advertising block. What a refreshing change to surf the web without all the flashing annoyances. It's fast and simple. I need a browser that bookmarks my pages, loads pages quickly, and is easy to configure. (Not that a web-browser is hard to configure) That's it. I dont need all the features that weigh a browser down. I could see where some people need all the added features of the big-boys, but I have simple needs.
    Simply put, I love it.
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    Hit full 1.0....come on. I'll try this verison though. :D
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    Have also upgraded to 1.0b1, and looks very nice too.

    Camino has been my default browser since i've had my Mac, especially with the CamiSearch add-on! :D
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    does the user now have the ability to spellcheck within camino? That's been the only thing that's kept me from using it up until now.
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    still missing little things like spell check and whatnot but overall it's a great browser.
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    No spell check feature yet.
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    CAMINO SCREAMS! It feels so much faster than Safari for some reason!

    I have been using Safari, opting on its stability, elegance and full-featured capabilities...I tried using both Firefox, Omniweb (which is really nice) and Netscape (yuck!)

    however, I have to say, Camino looks like something that I will definately be keeping in my dock

    [edit] Please, someone tell me that they will have themes...these icons are terrible...especially the font increase/decrease icons
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    its definitely faster than Safari, much so, and just as stable, its not as feature rich at this point, i wouldn't mind RSS support at some point, but a spell check is all that i would like, and the dictionary service as well. it is built from the groud up to be an OS X app after all...
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    CaminIcon is what you're looking for.

    If you want Camino to be REALLY fast (and are on a G4), check out krmathis's optimized build of 1.0b1.

    Also, in case anybody's interested, here's a piece I wrote about why I like Camino so much.
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    Nope, no spellcheck yet, although as far as I can tell they've at least functionally worked around the slow-text input bug (actually, it was ok in 1.0a, too), so that's enough to make me happy for now. Also as far as I can tell the issue with overlapping Japanese text input in single-line textboxes is also fixed, though I haven't tested it thoroughly.

    I do wish they'd get some internationalization into 1.0b, though. Otherwise, I'm quite happy with it now.
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    In case anybody's interested...

    If you want Camino to be REALLY fast (and are on a G4), check out krmathis's optimized build of 1.0b1.

    Also, here's a piece I wrote about why I like Camino so much.

    Edit: And now that the threads have been merged, my double posting looks obnoxious. I swear it wasn't meant to be when I posted! :)
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    Unfortunately the Spell check and dictionary lookup are non-trivial additions. To get them, Camino has to use native text widgets in its rendering, as opposed to its built-in ones. Using native widgets means that you lose a lot of CSS capability. The Camino devs aren't willing to do that, since they want to support the gamut of the CSS specifications.

    Rumor on the dev mailing list for Mozilla is that the Safari devs are realizing the limitations of the native OSX widgets, and are going to move away from them in the future. Perhaps this means a more API-agnostic dictionary and spelling service.

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    I need my RSS Reader abilities of Safari. I love having my RSS feeds in a folder on my Menu Bar. =\

    I've tried Opera, FireFox, and Shiira.
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    I started to ''switch" to Camino but i saw that i real do like FireFox, it supported for most web pages and i can have people who use PC atleast use FF

    so in the end im staying with FF
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    Just so you know Camino and FF both run on the Gecko rendering engine, so any page that renders in FF will be supported by Camino as well. :)

    Each to their own, though. :)
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    I find that Camino and Distiller don't play well together (the output from the resulting PDFs look terrible), while Firefox works fine with Distiller.
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    I have used Camino a few times in the past but it never made me want to leave Safari. This new version though is very impressive. Its speed and unique options are a real plus over any browser.
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    This Camino is impressive fast, but I need FireFox extension.
    I leave Safari long time ago as yet cant support wysisyg web editor like Epoz/Kupu in Plone or phpbased like in Moodle.

    I wish that Camino could have FF extensions, I can't miss somenone like Bookmark syncronizer, BBCodeEXtra, Translation panel, and RSS feed reader.

    Now server is up.
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    Just a quick question... Why do you need a spell-checker in your browser? I've never run across a situation where I did.
  23. sjk
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    For catching typos while composing forum posts?

    If you use Safari, try setting "Edit > Spelling > Check Spelling as You Type". Then control-click (right-click) on an underlined misspelled word to bring up a menu with suggested corrections, and "Lookup Up in Dictionary" in that shortcut menu can also be useful.
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    To post in forums, silly. :p I use FF too, and a program called SpellBound. Safari's nice and all, but the absence of a Go button makes me use it less.
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    Out of curiosity, what's Distiller?

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