camino 1.5 released

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by clevin, Jun 5, 2007.

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    OMFG. Finally! :D

    Thanks for posting this or who knows how the hell long I'd have gone w/out noticing this update!
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    Camino 1.5 crashing

    Anyone else having problems with Camino 1.5? Saw that 1.5 was released today so I thought I would once again give Camino a try. Didn't have any previous versions installed on my system. Downloaded, installed in Applications, and every time I double-click to launch, Camino crashes without a browser window even appearing.

    That's not good. I am running 10.4.9 on my 15" MBP C2D.

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    I have Camino, for when Safari doesn't work with a site. If it had Inquisitor (that looked like the Safari one), I would switch...
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    awesome news. :D
    thanks for the update clevin.
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    If you have had problems before try deleting org.mozilla.camino.plist and try launching Camino again.
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    I love the session saving feature. Safari really needs this (and if it already has it, someone better let me know). I still like Safari though, but session saving is amazing.
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    There's a free plug-in for Safari that provides session saving (and a bunch of other stuff.)

    I'm not on my Mac, so don't remember the name.
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    Ok, long time Firefox user (and very happy with that), but I figured I'd give Camino 1.5 a try... actually posting this from Camino...

    A couple of questions:

    1) How do I get rid of those frelling bookmark icons (especially in the bookmark bar): Picture 2.jpg

    2) Is it possible to add more search engines in the top right search field? (I'm very addicted to my 48 search engines in FF.)

    3) Where do I set the language of the spell checker? Now it seems to allow both color and colour, so I guess it somehow allows "all" English forms, but sometimes I might wanna use Norwegian...
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    Mitty, i don't have exact solutions for you but check out this site for some add ons that'll help do what you want.
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    You add a plain text file called user.js file to ~/Library/Application Support/Camino. Then:

    I think it uses the standard Mac OS X language, mine accepts colour but puts squiggles under color.
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    Yeah... I was afraid of something like that... I don't have good experiences with (more or less official) "extras" (even in Firefox I only rely on a selected few, and FF is made for addons). :eek:

    Maybe a theme to get rid of those (highly annoying) bookmark icons, though... :p

    Edit: Or maybe one or more of Eraserhead's (earlier called excellent) solutions... thanks... :)

    Edit 2 (The "Hmmm..."):

    1: Sat to false (using about:config) and that didn't work exactly as planned, now it shows the sites favicon if any and the default icon for those without (or not visited, yet). They still take way to much space (in the Bookmarks Bar :(, elsewhere I couldn't care less ;)).

    2: Tested making searches a bit, but soon ran into problems: Some of the sites I use require special encoding, something I can set using FF search engines or AcidSearch strings... so those searches weren't too good... also I after adding about 8 of my 48 engines Camino reverted to the default 3... :(

    3: Not a big problem, I'm usually fairly good at Norwegian spelling and as long as I get the occasional wink about my English (mainly British) spelling all is well... :)
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    Heh, that's just because everything in Norwegian is spelled like it sounds. :p

    *well, almost*
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    Search function is the same as in Safari and that really sucks compared to Firefox. Also, I can't use a browser that doesn't go to tab 1 when press :apple: +1, to tab 2 when :apple: +2...

    I'm trying to avoid Firefox because it's running slow but I can't without these options...
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    You need to get Stand great for session saving and getting rid of the brushed metal:

    have you tried inquisitor to search with in safair its amazing!
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    it adds some shortcut options but you it hasn't convinced me. thanks for the hint though. it's a nice app :)
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    Crashes for me. :confused: Tried deleting everything, but no solution.
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    I like the look of camino but i have a few complaints,

    No Inquisitor, im addicted,
    Dont know how to change tabs with the keyboard,
    And most annoying, you may not agree with it but I love when you hit Maximize with apples applications it only maximizes it as much as it needs. I love that feature, dont know if camino can do that.

    If anyone has any solutions to these, please let me know.

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    don't know about Inquisitor, i tried it on Safari and hated it.
    changing tabs is Command + Option + arrow key left/right
    play around with the maximize, or just set it the size you want from the corner
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    The zoom button actually zooms now instead of going full-screen.

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    At least in Firefox, there are *two* strings -- the one you set, and also -- you must set them both to FALSE. See if Camino also has the latter string?

    EDIT: Is there a theme that works with Camino 1.5 that looks anything like Safari or like GRApple?
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    Nah... when I added the to the prefs.js file it did show up in about:config, but all the bookmark icons (and favicons) were still there... :(
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    You need to delete Camino's icon cache because it's still displaying favicons you've already downloaded. Remove all the contents from ~/Library/Caches/Camino/IconCache folder.

    CaminIcon might be useful for you.

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    I feel dumb for saying this, but I realized that I had the previous version. I DLed it like 2 days ago, assumed it was the new one.

    I got 1.5 now, im happy with it.
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    And then it reverts back to just showing the default ones again: Picture 1.jpg

    I want them gone, all together, at least from the Bookmarks Bar... :(

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