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Campers Already Setting Up for iPhone 5S/5C Launch at Apple's Fifth Avenue Store

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 6, 2013.

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    With Apple's media event still four days away and the launch of new iPhone hardware likely two weeks away, campers are already starting to line up at the company's flagship Fifth Avenue retail store in Manhattan.

    While early lineups are frequently done as promotional stunts rather than campers arriving simply as devoted fans, with some early campers at past launches even receiving sponsorships to promote brands while they wait, it seems that the bar is continually being raised with campers now arriving even before Apple has announced anything.

    Two representatives from Cincinnati-based SellYourMac arrived on the scene today to begin what they hope will be a two-week campout, only to find that they were not the first people in line at the Fifth Avenue store, which generally serves as one of the most high-profile launch sites due to its iconic design and 24-hour operation. Two other campers claimed their spots at the front of the line last night, settling in for the long wait.

    According to Sell Your Mac's Jon Murphy, the campers have yet to have any discussions with Apple's store staff about their plans, but the line is forming in its usual spot on the plaza outside the store's landmark glass cube.

    Apple's media event is scheduled for next Tuesday, with rumors and speculation pointing to a launch of the iPhone 5S and 5C in the United States and other first-wave countries on Friday, September 20.

    Article Link: Campers Already Setting Up for iPhone 5S/5C Launch at Apple's Fifth Avenue Store
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    A long wait for many.
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    It's Occupy Apple
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    Are they allowed to sleep on the street for 2 weeks?
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    Guys... this isn't 2007/8 anymore... you can order your iPhones online and have them on your doorstep on launch day now.
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    Just... Why???
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    It's the same wait for everyone, it's just some people decide to spend it on the street whilst the sensible folk have it delivered to their nice warm home.
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    no... just no. Hope they have a new MBA to use during the day :)
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    So these people are camping for a product that (technically) doesn't exist yet, have no idea what the (official) features are, and may or may not (probably may) launch 2 weeks from now? o_O
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    No problem guys. Well work for you to live off our earnings.
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    Like The Buggles (kinda) said:
    internet killed the Apple launch star.
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    Jessica Lares

    Yeah, just getting mine delivered too. Love the free food and drink, but I live with other people, and I don't drive. :eek:
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    So THIS is what you do when you're an unemployed trust fund baby...
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    Stupid people, haven't they got anything better to do. Are they going to camp there until 20 Sept?
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    Some of us get called die hard fan boys for defending Apple against trolls who lack common sense. These guys take it to a whole new level.
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    Unless, somehow, they launch on the day of the announcement, in which case your postal service would have to be amazing to get it to your doorstep same day!
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    they must really want to be the first one ever to get whatever new product is announced :rolleyes:
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    Makes no sense. These people are either unemployed & on benefits (and are therefore having their iPhones payed for by us) or are using their vacation time to spend a fortnight outside a feckin' building?

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    These lines just never fail to crack me up. I mean I like Apple but really?
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    In related news, the average IQ in the US just dropped 5 points.
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    That's just IGNUNT.
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    ONE DAY, this will be me. TODAY, I'm stuck in Calc Class :/
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    Chupa Chupa

    Stunt. And it worked! To what end, I can't say though. I'll resist making personal attacks, but I'd avoid buying from a company that has to resort to such nonsense.
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    They win guys.
    We are talking about them
  25. ikir, Sep 6, 2013
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2013

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    It could be stupid but nobody is waiting in line for Samsung products... And they get crazy about that!

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