Camping out at the Burlingame,CA Apple Store Opening

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 27, 2003.

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    i like that guy's website. very cool.

    Not as geeky as hal's blog tho :)
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    A cool Quicktime video übergeek, thank you! My thoughts when I see the pictures of new Apple Stores, why such nice looking buildings. Here in Boston we just have a store front inside of a mall!
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    hehe .. my friend recently moved to California and "accidentally" camped out. (He was sitting in the adjacent starbucks with his PowerBook when some of the campers came over and invited him to camp with them). The morning it opened, I got online and he borrowed someone's iSight to show me a video on iChatAV of the building and the surrounding area. He's in one of the pictures featured in this link (sorry guys, I'd rather not say which one though). It brings a tear to the eye, knowing that he switched this summer because of me, and he's already camping out in front of Apple stores ;) :D

    [Edit: oh yea .. and he got me one of those cool Apple shirts they give the first 1,000 people :) ]
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    that's me your talking about

    Hey, that is me you are talking about. Plus, Peet's coffee gave us all free coffee in the morning.

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