Can a Macbook run Windows only?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by stchman, Aug 2, 2012.

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    I was interested to see if this was true.

    I was under the impression that a Mac needed to have OS X on it to run. You can then use the BootCamp software to make way for another OS.

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    You can install Windows and then delete the Mac OS X partition. Why you would want to though, I dont know.
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    You can install Windows without having OSX installed, but it is still recommended to have a small OS X partition to install firmware updates.
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    People are buying MBA/MBP, then decide that OSX is not for them, so they install WIN and making their macbook a WIN machine.
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    sensitive question

    Dear stchman,

    You can consider Apple to be a religion like Microsoft is also an religion. Now consider yourself as an atheist to be entering a Church "Can we just throw Jesus out and bring Allah in the door!", how would you expect this conversation to end?

    Now since some time, the Apple Macs accept the other competitors software (and malware btw), however they do not have a native installer for just windows. What you could do however, is give windows as the primary startup option (so that you do not need to hold the option key to enter the partition). This should make it very comfortable to work on Windows.

    Very good luck with downloading all those virusses...
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    i tried this with the 2010 mac air. just having windows on it. it would work for 4 or 5 weeks then it stopped booting. I believe at some point of the 2010 macbook airs life there was a ssd firmware update. without this firmware update windows was really unstable and would just out of the blue hang on boot and never work again. it would need a complete reinstall.

    as other mentioned the best way is to have both and boot into osx every once and awhile for firmware updates.
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    :confused: With Apple products costing far. far more than their Windows counterparts, why not just by a top end Windows machine?
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    Simple answer: Yes.

    But at least leave a small Mac OS X partition to take advantage of some features such as the nice Trackpad gestures and other Mac-related features such as battery optimization. Running Windows alone, you will never get the advertised battery life.
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    Show me a windows machine with the aesthetics, size, battery life, keyboard and touchpad of a macbook and then I will invest in one.
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    As far as ultrabooks go, a MBA doesn't cost far far more.
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    ...and no Windows alternatives have the finish quality (trackpad, KB, aesthetics, max RAM & SSD capacity) of an MBA
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    OP never said he wanted to do this, fellas. He only asked if it's possible.

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