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Can an early ATV2

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Nychot, Apr 16, 2012.

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    Be upgrades easily to 4.4.4 without going beyind it? Any atv experts please help.
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    Yes, but only if your have your SHSH blobs.
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    Shsh blobs? What are they and how do i onow if i have them or are you putting me on?


    Ok so i read about blobs BUT what i gather is they are for DOWNGRADING firmware NOT uogradung which is what i asked about.
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    They are still needed for upgrading because you are upgrading to a firmware that Apple isn't signing anymore.
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    Okay so how do i know if i have them. I just bought a used atv2 and will have it in a few days. I dont know what firmware it has. I believe it was made in april 2011.
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    Plug it into your computer and use TinyUmbrella to check.
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    Chances are that you don't have them, unless the previous owner saved them. when you get it, download Tiny Umbrella software, connect the AppleTV to the computer (You are going to need a micro USB cable that is not included with the Apple tv) and run the App, it will tell you what you have.

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