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Can an iBook combo-drive burn hi-capacity (90 min/800Mb) CD-R's

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Marky_Mark, Mar 20, 2006.

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    I want to be able to burn to a high-capacity CD-R on my iBook if possible. The CD packing did state that the increased capacity could only be taken advantage of with suitable hardware and software. Sure enough, when I put the disk in, my 12" iBook combodrive said it was a 700MB disk and wouldn't recognise the extra capacity.

    Kit: 2005 12" iBook 1.33GHz G4, with standard combo-drive, OS 10.4.5
    S/ware: Toast Titanium v7.0.2

    1. Is there a firmware update / haxy / Toast plug-in / shareware package which will enable the extra to be used?

    2. Alternatively, can anyone recommend an external CD-R burner that will support the higher capacity CD-R's?

    3. This is all so I can fit two CD albums onto a single disk for the car. If I do, is the higher-capacity CD still generally compatible with an audio CD player, or am I just wasting my time, and potentially my money?

    Thanks for your help, everyone. :)
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    Your nailing planks on-to the end of your porch with out support.

    Anybody chime in here if I am wrong, and I could be! So chip away.

    From my understanding high capacity CDs are not diffrent, not larger or differently compressed, rather they are certified to hold information right up to the edge. By the way capacity you list is with out formating.

    Previously this (high capacity) was called "over-burn", or burning over the capacity of the disk. Information on most optical disks is written from the inner most region to the outside, back in the day, when CDs were expensive, they were rated to be reliable up to a certain point. People pushed the bounds- well because they could. Then CDs became inexpensive, and people realized that many drives could address beyond the 650-700Mb range. So you could "over-burn". Over-burn protection was a limit set by the software so you could not put more information on the cd than it could hold. NeroBurning Rom for PCs allowed you to calibrate a cd, and burn right up to the edge of a particular media type.

    Can OSX do it, I don't know, try it. The Apple people tend to follow white papers to the T. Buy a few disks, or get somebody else to do it, and see.

    There is no guarantee that a CD player will read up to the edge. That said, an audio CD player doesn’t exactly have a terminal address that it can't read past. It's odd, the stepper motor wasn't good for HDs, but works well for optical drives- weird. The audio is written in a spiral from the center outward, and a player can read up-until it the transport ends. I digress. If you have an MP3 reading CD player, it would be worth a try- but really why?

    I would just get a refurbished external DVD burner from Laci or something. 4+ gigs on a DVD will suit you better for data. If your burning CDs, well over burning is a little like adding a blower to a 4 cylinder 82 Honda Accord.

    All of this was a little slip shot on detales- sorry. Was any of this any help? Well look below for a link that should provide more help.

    Try CD FAQ.org, info on Orange and Red book specks, etc. Nicely written and approachable information.
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    Is this because it is hard or inconvenient to change disks? Like a changer in a trunk? or is the second CD weighing you down? ;) What format are you trying to record the information in?

    This Explains "high capacity" disks pros and cons. I just learned that 99 minutes can't be exceded for CDA format.
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    Thanks for the info. The reason that I want to fit more on a disk is because I want to have more music in the car on the same amount of disks. I have found, especially with the older albums I listen to, that I can fit two into about 88-90 mins on average. This means that instead of having 6 albums to choose from, I can have 12! So, it's got to be worth a shot.

    The car's autochanger doesn't support MP3 or DVD - so those options are closed to me. I need to create disks in regular audio format - AIFF, I believe.

    The information you have given me is very useful, and I appreciate your time, but it doesn't really answer the questions I asked.

    Can the iBook drive be made to write to 800MB disks? On my PC, with Nero, I used to overburn all the time. However, when I insert an 800MB blank CD-R into my iBook drive, it states the disk is only 700MB (79:59:47 mins) and my selection won't fit.

    Can Toast be made to overburn? The messages I get suggest it will, but that the CD drive is preventing it from doing so by not recognising the extra capacity available on the disk. Hence my question as to whether there was a hack, firmware upgrade or shareware package someone could suggest to enable access to the 'last little bit'.

    Then, of course, once I've managed to burn a 88-90 min disk, there is the question as to whether my Audi's autochanger will recognise it, and won't spit it out because it's an unusual format.

    So - anyone able to help? :(
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    AIF,AIFF, Audio Interchange Format
    CDA = Compact Disk Audio format

    X Roast should do you you want.
    Missing Burner is what I would try first. Glowing reviews. So you would have to create an ISO on your HD that was the size you wanted and then use Missing Burner.
    FireStarter is in beta. It does over burning, but dosn't state the max tha it can over burn.

    Shadow Burn will over burn up to 700Mb, which I thought was normal.

    The limit is really how far the optical mechnism can move to the edge.

    I will try these options and get back to you.

    Luck you, an Audi with a sound system. I have never owned a car with a working sound system.

    I hope this helped you.
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    Fantastic - thanks very much for this. I'll check out the links tomorrow after work and let you know how I get on (it's now 1:06am in the UK and I gotta get some sleep!)

    Cheers - I appreciate your help! :)

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