Can an ipod shuffle play songs in order by artist?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Yoshi Yogurt, Nov 5, 2010.

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    When i sync an ipod shuffle, can I make it so the "Play in order" setting is by artist?

    What will the order be? I have never owned or used a shuffle and I'm really thinking about getting one!

    If the order is by song alphabetical and not by artist I won't be getting one because I will hardly shuffle the songs and I want my music in order by artist. So i can hear one album all he way though and then the next album. I keep in it order by artist in my itunes library.
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    u can create playlist for every artist, then just hold down the button (you will hear the names) to go through them.
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    I figured I could do that, but that was a last resort I don't want to do that!

    What is the order when you sync the songs, just every song alphabetically?

    I assume each playlist would be in alphabetical order by artist,then album and in order by track number.
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    You can make any playlist sync in whatever order you want, by artist, album, song title, play count, whatever. Just set it in iTunes then sync it to your iPod.

    I have my main playlist sort by artists, alphabetically.
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    Playlist mode is your only resort, since the other mode is shuffle.
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    nearly got this all settled out.. if what slix said is true, i can make a playlist lets say callled "ipod shuffle music" and set it to being organized by artist, then sync, the ipod will play it like that, by artist, like it was snyced?
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    I would make a playlist and call it by your artist name!
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    Sorry, but none of you were really any help, I'm just going to get it and figure it out myself...
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    The answer to your original question is "no," but i think they were extremely helpful in giving you a bunch of workarounds!
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    But, I still am confused about the work arounds!

    So a playlist will always play in the order you added the songs in right?

    So i can just make one playlist i want and put it in order of artists how I want, and then I sync it and the play in order setting on the shuffle would play it in the order right? It won't mess with the order of the playlist right?

    I'm really new to itunes, I've figured out nearly everything but playlists.
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    no answers?
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    Better a late answer than no answer at all ;)

    Yes (again). It will play in order #1,#2,#3,...


    Creating a playlist per album would be the best way to choose one album.

    You just have to sync the different playlists (for best results name the playlist Artist:Album).

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