Can an old Tibook take an internal bluetooth card?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by California, Jan 15, 2006.

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    Is it possible to fit a 400 to 550 Titanium Powerbook with an internal bluetooth card? I've seen added cards to older G4 iBooks. It's to sync up a Sony Ericsson phone. I've heard the external bluetooth dongle usb doesn't really work that well, but that's all I know. Anyone try to retrofit a Tibook with this?
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    As far as I know it's not possible(I could be wrong though). Buy a bluetooth dongle from ebay.
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    You mean, taking the Bluetooth hardware from an aluminum PB and putting it into a Ti? Probably not going to work. ;)
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    No, I mean they made different cards for iBooks that did not come with Bluetooth. I mean what kind of internal bluetooth card would work? And is there space for a card on a Ti? I don't know.
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    It is unlikely you can get a pre-made card to fit in a Tibook. With some crazy customization is might be possible. But really, is it worth all that trouble?
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    It looks like the 867mhz and 1ghz Tibooks had a bluetooth bto option.

    So there probably is a card that might fit an older Tibook, too.

    It's not my machine anymore, it is a friend that bought from me, and I'm just trying to help out.

    Just realized that older Tibooks had infrared. So -- the phone should hook with infra red. I guess Apple dropped infra red on Tibooks after the first few revisions and offered a BTO bluetooth 1.1 option. I heard that infra red was actually too expensive to keep on the Powerbooks.
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    That's certainly not something I've ever heard of.
    Well, Bluetooth has many advantages over IR, other than the fact that almost no one used IR by the time it was done away with.
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    Yeah, I never used it. But had a friend who used it on a 700mhz iBook 14" for palm synching.
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    Nah... i checked up on that and the Ti's would need the dongle adapter. :(
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    I bought an internal bluetooth card for a 12" iBook 1ghz last year. 1.1 BT, of course. Bought from an Apple tech, made for the iBook. Under 100 dollars, I think it was like 70 bucks. I just wondered if they had one for the Tibook and it looks like it was a BTO option on later Ti models.
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    It was only BTO as an included dongle. Built-in BT has only been available on aluminum PBs.

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