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Can anyone recommend a good cooling pad for the Air?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by jb60606, Aug 19, 2009.

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    Just picked up a Macbook Air over the weekend (2.13Ghz/128GB SSD).

    Installed a few software up dates in Parallels/Windows XP and saw the processor hit 176 degrees. Can anyone recommend a decent fan/cooling mat that will fit the AIR? I have one for my MacBook Pro that's unfortunately a little too large.

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    The CPU is designed to slow down or shut down before overheating. Most modern intel CPUs are designed to be able to run at 100 degrees C or more.
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    I'm trying to avoid that (the overheat part). :)

    Does Intel provide specs on max temps for their processors? I've never seen an actual number put on a processor's threshold before.

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    Yeah. I wouldn't worry about your CPU damaging itself. And certainly not if you don't see temps over 90 deg. Only if you experience slowdowns because of the CPU lowering the clock speed because of heat, would I start to do something about it.

    The only other reason would be if you think it's too hot to use on the lap.

    You can also try the app "smcFanControl" to make the fans go faster. I have used that app myself.

    The Coolbook app might be a more practical solution. But be careful about undervolting, you'd might need to backup your files and restore them if you undervolt too much and can't boot your computer, and have to restore from backup. I haven't tried coolbook myself.

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